My daughter loves writing. She has a very vivid imagination. I love reading her stories and writing creations.

When I was chosen to work with The Night Zoo Keeper I was so excited! Simply because I knew it would be a great project for my daughter.

She’s already a strong writer and very creative.

“The Night Zoo Keeper started as a simple story about magical animals has grown into an online world where children can learn about anything that sparks their imagination, a series of adventure books with Oxford University Press, and an animated series on Sky Kids, co-created with children.

Our products inspire and engage children, nurture a love of reading and writing, and help them to understand that creativity is a superpower”.

The setup of the account was super easy. It didn’t take long at all to get started.

The Night Zoo Keeper is not just about writing but also creative art.

She had the opportunity to create characters. Super cool.

We watched as her characters became alive from her brain to the screen. Children draw their own magical characters that go with them through the Night Zoo, developing and growing their creative writing skills.

In addition, you can play games with your character that enhances learning, sentence building and much more.

My son was so intrigued watching his sister and even trying to help. SO cool.

The Night Zoo Keeper allows the creative juices to flow out of your children. Encouraging writing and building confidence in their creativity.

For kids who lack the creativity or the desire to write, the NZK community is inspirational and guaranteed to grasp the attention of your kids.

My daughter loved this so much, I’ve had to pry her away from it. Which I knew would happen because she loves writing and creating stories.

I highly recommend this for your child. NZK allows kids to have a creative outlet that also allows kids to learn and bring your fun creations to life.

Have a child who may have struggles, Night Zoo Keeper helps grow a Rich Vocabulary and Developing Grammar Skills, Writing Creative Stories and much more….

Perfect for homeschooling. Over 1,000 different learning games and activities.

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I’m including a discount code for my readers and followers as well.

Add this to your kids gifts for Christmas. You won’t be disappointed. A great way to expand their imagination, grow their grammar, online literacy, competitions, games and much more.