Since my husband and I met, we have always made time to laugh, to enjoy joking with each other.  Laughter helps us make it through tough times in life.  Life happens and we can easy get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life which can wear you down.

But laughter keeps your spirit up even when things don’t look good. Yes there are times you don’t feel like laughing but finding humor keeps you from crying.

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Photo Credit: Laughter Therapy

Laughter according to scripture is a medicine. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22 NIV).

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“Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease” Colombia Spectator.

Madea has been one of the best entertainment for us over the past 20 years. Madea gives you a good laugh no matter the situation.  Even during times of sadness she can always find something to laugh about.

My husband and I have attended several Madea movies as well as the Stage plays.

We recently attended our final stage play with Madea.  For those who may not know, Tyler Perry is retiring Madea after Madea’s Farewell Tour.

Madea’s Farewell Tour was in the Houston area so we were able to attend. Glad we purchased tickets immediately. Shows were added and the tickets sold out multiple times. Madea is in high demand.

When you attend one of Madea’s plays, you are guaranteed to laugh, cry, sing. You leave uplifted, encouraged and motivated. The plays are just that good.

My husband and I got ready to attend the play. We were so excited for a fun night out just the two of us. Being here in Houston with no family is tough, we have to be creative with our date nights.

But my mom was in town visiting so we were good, our babysitter was here. My husband said, Let’s Roll. Ha ha! Yes sir!

We arrived at the venue early.

Before going in we were able to take a picture by Madea’s Iconic Cadillac. So fun!

Our goal was to beat the crowd and we did. The entrance into the building was quick and easy.

The event was held at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland, TX. This venue was really nice. Easy to find everything. I loved the digital boards and wide open corridor. One of the best venues for events we have seen so far here in Houston.

The doors to the auditorium weren’t open yet so we grabbed a bite to eat and visited the souvenir table.

There were two places to purchase food. We chose to eat from the food cart.  The food cart was cute and had a good variety of options.

We chose the Texas Twisted Fries and the Madea Madness Beef and Bacon Dog.

The Twisted Texas Fries was Twisted fries, similar to thick curly fries. Topped with cheesy goodness and Jalapeños. Really good.

The Madea’s Madness Beef & Bacon dog was delicious.  House made bacon, Angus Beef Hot Dog, Chipotle Sour cream, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeños and Chips.

After eating we headed in to check out our seats. Our seats were perfect. We could see the stage perfectly. We were ready!!

The show was amazing! Laughter, Humor, Silliness, Love, Family, Singing, Dancing oh so good!  We are sad to see Madea come to an end.  But we own all of the Movies and Plays, Madea will live on in our hearts.

If you are in an area that the Madea Farewell Tour is coming to, GO GO GO! You won’t be disappointed.

Take time today to share a laugh with someone. Laughter helps lighten the loads of hearts. We all have trouble but laughter will help you to press on each day.

Happy Thursday!