To the Childless

Motherhood is such a joy. Filled with lots of highs, enjoyment, fun, proud parent moments and much more. But there are days that motherhood is exhausting and overwhelming. In spite of that, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love being a mom.

Planning fun events, games, activities, trips and parties for my kids are all my favorite things to do.

My journey to motherhood wasn’t easy but oh so worth it. I had a tough journey to get here. But God has been faithful to me.

I wanted to take a minute this Mother’s Day to share a word of encouragement to those who remain childless.

Believing for the blessing to become a mom is hard. Mother’s Day is probably the hardest day when it’s a dream you desire. Watching others with their kids and deep down inside you want this so much.

My encouragement to you to do. Never stop believing. It may not have happen yet but it doesn’t mean it won’t.

There are many avenues to becoming a mom and carrying your own isn’t the only way. But each person must pray, seek and think about what’s best for their family.

Keep your head up and know that one day it will happen.

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Photo Credit: The Entheos Initiative


Happy Future Mother’s Day!