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Getting a new puppy is so exciting. Cuddling with the puppy. Dressing the puppy up and taking photos of the puppy showing him or her off to all of your friends and family. How fun!!

But there is one downside to this, Potty training. Potty Training can be difficult with puppies.

Today I am introducing a product called the Doggie Lawn. 

Doggie Lawn is your Dog’s backyard in a box. “A subscription service that is designed to maximize the time spent playing with and loving your furry friend and minimize the time spent cleaning up after them.

Doggie Lawn provides an easy way for owners to allow their dogs access to a bathroom, yet it doesn’t require the extra work that other indoor dog potties, such as pet pee pads, require. Better yet, our indoor dog grass pads lack the smell that is often associated with other indoor litter boxes or pee pads”.

DoggieLawn was created as a simple and convenient indoor dog bathroom solution.  This indoor dog grass pee pad is of the highest quality, providing a fresh alternative to the slim pickings that they once felt they had to choose from. Our subscription service is a simple and convenient solution designed to make caring for your dog easier. With DoggieLawn, you can do the following”:

  • Give your dog access to a bathroom, regardless of where you are
  • Avoid weekly washing of artificial grass
  • Avoid emptying out a urine catch pan daily
  • Avoid the smell that lingers around artificial grass or potty pads
  • Contribute to the wellness of our environment
  • Reduce global greenhouse gasses with our living indoor dog grass potty

Some of the positive things that I love about Doggie Lawn is perfect for those who are in an apartment.

We own a home and we tried the Doggie Lawn with our puppy. He was immediately drawn to it. In minutes he had already potty on the Doggie Lawn. Which worked great for him because he does great outside but has accidents occasionally inside.

It’s simple and easy. The Doggie Lawn arrives at your doorstep. The doggie lawn can arrive weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks or every four weeks.

Available in four sizes. Standard Doggie Lawn, Medium, Large and XL.

In addition, there are tray add-ons, poop bags, odor neutralizer and urine trouble odor neutralizers as well. All available online.

So toss out your pee-pee pads and artificial grass. Give Doggie Lawn a try. Low maintenance, no odors like pee-pads. Perfect for inclement weather and Ideal for apartment living, but works well in homes as well. Environmentally safe as well, just a few of the things that I love about the Doggie Lawn.

Please visit their website for more information https://doggielawn.com/

Use the code Foodie4 for 10% off new subscription orders.