As promised I am continuing my journey through Italy. I will start with the video I promised to share.

But let me share a little backstory. We were walking to lunch and everyone noticed Vero Latte. Dessert is my favorite so let me be honest!

As we were walking by the owner Massimiliano Scotti of Vero Latte came out to speak with us. He was a super friendly guy. We began chatting about his Gelato.

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Photo Credit: PreGel

Vero Latte is known for their award winning Gelato. He has won an award in 2018 at the Gelato Festival.

He wanted me to try his award winning Gelato. I tried the hazelnut gelato. The Gelato was really really good. Creamy, tasty and good consistency. So tasty.

Here is the full video.

Vero Latte is an Ice Cream Shop that serves so much more than that. Ice Cream, Gelato, Desserts, Coffee and much more.

We stopped in following our lunch at L’OCA Ciuca  L’OCA Ciuca, Vigevano, Italy

The cafe was super cute. Outdoor seating available with an amazing view.

As we entered, I love the cute accents of black and white boards and menu items through out.

Everyone wanted to try the Gelato.

We stood in line waiting to order.

The Gelato was very good but I am more of a Cake person so I tried the Red Velvet cake. 

In addition to Gelato, Ice Cream and Cakes, Vero Latte also serves Pancakes and Crepes. Yum.

As well as Croissants, Sandwiches and other baked goods.

They also serve coffee and tea.

Vero Latte is also a Food & Travel Magazine Winner for Maestro Gelatiere of the Year.

I ate a few bites of my Red Velvet cake and it was very good. I took the rest to go because I wanted to go shopping at the little Bookstore across the street; Book-lover here.

I spoke with some of the Bloggers/Influencers traveling with me and they really enjoyed the Gelato. Massimiliano Scotti is a man of word, his Gelato is delicious.

Vero Latte has a few locations in Italy. We visited the Vero Latte location at Piazza Ducale / via XX settembre (5,418.70 mi), Vigevano 27029.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit at Vero Latte. Delicious treats and wonderful service.

Be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.