Sunday, January 26, 2020, the world was both stunned, shocked and hurt by what transpired. My family and I were attending an event on that day and as we enjoyed our afternoon, no one was on their phones. We had a blast together.

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As we walked to our vehicle. My phone began to go off and what I read was shocking. Kobe Bryant killed in a Helicopter crash. Wait what? No this can’t be possible.

A few minutes later, a message came through saying that his daughter was also killed in the helicopter crash. My heart dropped, my stomach began to ache, my eyes watered up.

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Just the thought of people you loved being taken in an instant. I immediately began to pray for Vanessa Bryant.

Thinking of the heartbreak and pain she must feel. I prayed and prayed even after getting in the car.

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I have always been a fan of Kobe Bryant. Watching him play over the years. After he retired, I continued to follow some of the things that he was into and awards, accolades he received etc.


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Recently in the last 4 months or so I began to really follow him closer as he journeyed with his daughter in Basketball. She had formed a love for Basketball just like him. Having a daughter who is in her second year of basketball myself, I loved seeing their relationship and also her develop as a player.

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They had been spotted at many NBA games recently together. What an amazing bound as the connected more over the sport they loved.

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Tragically their lives came to an end Jan 26th. Wow.

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As we journey home and listened to the coverage about their death in our vehicle. My heart ached, I began to look around and think about my family. How close we are, realizing that no one knows the hour or day when it will be our time to go.

We all have an appointed time to die. It’s unfortunate and I know we all wish we could live forever or in hopes be raptured out. But that may not be God’s plan for us.

People die everyday and we never know whose next. But one thing as I prayed for the Bryant family and all those who lost love ones yesterday in the crash. I prayed God’s peace. A peace that only He can give. I went to bed with this on my heart.

I woke up the following still thinking about it all. Some of the words I felt God was uttering to me, BE Ready.

As many of us are hurting from this loss, we must one, remember to value, cherish and love those around us. We never know when or if that will be the last time we see them.

We also must be sure that we are right with God. No man knows the day or the hour, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of [a]heaven, but My Father only” (Matthew 24:36 NKJV).

But we must be ready. We are here on earth to make a difference to impact lives and help others. Don’t put off from doing those things. Because you never know when your story will end.

This blog is not meant to scare anyone but just to allow us to think about life and value what’s important.

Working hard and setting goals is good. But make sure to take time and enjoy your Life, Family and those that matter while you can.

Sending my thoughts and prayers out to all those hurting and are disappointed, sad, confused. Remember God cares and He is there for you.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (I Peter 5:7 NIV).

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RIP Kobe Bryant.