I am continuing my journey through Italy with our night out at the Autunno Pavese event in Pavia, Italy.

For those just joining, I have attached a link to my previous blog post on Italy.  https://dastylishfoodie.com/2019/11/my-journey-to-italy/

After a shower and a nap, I was refreshed and ready for our first night out in Pavia.

I arrived downstairs early, so I could have some time to meet everyone before loading up to head to the event.

Everyone started trickling in around the same time.

I met a few guys during our drive from Milan, Italy and I was excited to meet the other bunch. After we did all of our introductions, we headed to the bus.

The Italy Chamber of Commerce had a chartered bus waiting for us outside.

We arrived at Autunno Pavese and the staff checked us in quickly .

Autunno Pavese is an event that showcases the different products that is exclusive to the Pavia area.

Items from Bread, Meats, Cheese, Oils, Wine and so much more.

As we arrived and were checked in we started exploring and going from booth checking out the different products.

We stopped by a booth selling Salami. The gentlemen began talking to us about his Salami.

Pavia is known for their Rice. We stopped at a booth, Carnaroli Pavese that sells a variety of rice and beans options available for sell.

There was a booth that had different types of pastas as well, Pasta Fresca Lalla. Fresh pastas available on site.

A variety of chocolates were available at Pura Delizia.

We stopped at a booth that had Fresh Salami. Goose Salami to be exact, Salumi Datura.  He also is an award winner, the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cooked Salami.

Oh my word so good. The Salumi sliced like butter. Superb.

Next up, a booth with gorgeous boxes of pasta, DiAmante. 

One of the booths even had Truffles

As well as mushrooms. Almost everything you could think of was available all under one roof at the Autunno Pavese.

After we were done exploring and learning about the different products, it was time for dinner.

We headed into a dining area that was setup for Dinner.

Gnoochi with Shiitake mushroom with a cream sauce. Topped with fresh parmesan cheese.

Beef Roast braised in a Bornato wine. Served with a rustic polenta.

Pear and Chocolate pie ended the evening.

The Dinner was nice. It was great to connect and chat about the Food Culture in Pavia and getting to know the fellow bloggers and writers.

In Pavia and want to attend Autunno Pavese next year? Here are some details about the event:

  • Four days intense, fragrant, tasty, colorful and full of meetings for businesses and the public. A business morning with the international market.
  • Dinner each night is from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., no reservations are necessary when dining at the restaurant. The new Restaurant opened this year in Autunno Pavese. Every evening there was a different menu. Each meal was accompanied by Oltrepò wines. Dinner is $25 per person in the restaurant.
  • This is a perfect place to learn about the Food & Wine Culture of Pavia, Italy.
  • The Cost is only $5.00 for entrance into Autunno Pavese. But there are a few other options to choose from like Wine tasting, Risotto Stations and Gourmet area.
  • Autunno Pavese is located at the Pavia Exhibition Palace.

I would say that Day 1 of Pavia was a huge success.

Be sure to come back and see where we are heading next. Also to find out what I am about to taste in the picture above. Putting my Food Judging Skills back to the test.