As a mom, I am on the go. But in addition to being a mom, I am a wife, a mompreneur and a blogger. All of these things keep me busy. I spend a lot of time running errands, to business meetings, groceries, school events and much more.

One of the things that is a necessity for me in the success of running around is a backpack purse. I don’t wear a regular purse because a backpack purse allows me to free my hands.

I place the backpack on and my hands are free. Perfect.

Recently, I was on the hunt for a new backpack purse. I was looking for an authentic leather purse with pockets inside and outside, but the most important feature I was looking for was one with thick straps.

The thick straps was for support on my back and shoulders. But without losing the style and fashion that I like.

As I started my search, I quickly noticed that most had the skinny straps which for one doesn’t last as long if your bag is heavy and two isn’t comfortable.

As a mom we all know that we carry everything but the kitchen sink in our bags. Right? Ok, I know I’m not alone.

So I was at a local mall and stumbled up on the perfect backpack purse. It was authentic real leather, great size, pockets both inside and outside. As well as you guessed the thick straps I wanted.

But to make this even sweeter, I purchased it for a great price. It doesn’t get better than that.

So my Favorite’s Friday item is my new Authentic Leather Coach Backpack Purse. Such a great buy!

Coach Backpack Purse come in many different styles and colors.

With the Holidays here, I recommend this as a gift for all Moms or Ladies in general.

This blog is the first of many gift ideas coming during the holidays.

Have a product that you want me to try and feature for Favorite’s Friday or add to my DSF Christmas Gift List? Email me at [email protected].

Happy Friday!!