I am a coffee lover. I love coffee, visiting coffee shops is one of my favorite things. Of course since the pandemic I haven’t been able to visit as many In the last year. But now that I’m fully vaccinated I am starting to get back out there.

A few days ago my kiddos and I were heading to the park. We decided to stop in and check out Black Rock Cafe.

Black Rock Cafe is a coffee shop serving up their own coffee. With a coffee menu offering a variety of drinks from Hot or Iced Coffees to Smoothies to Chillers to Teas.

We didn’t visit the inside but we went through the drive-thru.

As we approached the menu board. I immediately noticed the colorful board with pictures. This is great which allows for quick ordering. Customers love photos and being able to see what their drinks will look like.

We were heading to the park so we picked up a few drinks prior to heading to the park.

My daughter loves Frappes. She ordered the Oreo Chiller which is kind of similar to a frappe/shake without coffee for her. The oreo was delicious. She loved it.

My son ordered the Lil Rockers Apple juice. He loved his apple juice, but he really liked his cool black cup it was served in.

I ordered the Caramel Blondie. The Caramel blondie is one of their signature drinks. A Balance of sweet and creamy goodness. With a nice bold punch of coffee.  This coffee drink was delicious.

Visually the exterior and interior of Black Rock Cafe was really nice. Simple black, red and white decor that coordinated well together. I loved the open air area of the coffee shop. There is an outdoor space as well.

The service was good. The barista/cashier was really nice and friendly.

In addition to coffee, Black Rock Cafe has Pastries, Energy Drinks and Smoothies.

We will definitely be visiting often. Especially since it’s so close to our house.

Fueling up with a nice coffee break was just what we needed that day.

It was the perfect treat for our Park Visit.

Black Rock Cafe is located at 1420 W Grand Parkway S, Katy, TX 77494. The Hours of Operation are Daily, 5:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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