A week ago my family and I attended the Bridgeland Friday Night Bites. This is a family fun evening of Music, Family activities and of course Food Trucks. This isn’t our first time attending. But it’s been a long time.

We arrived and scouted a place to sit. Once we decided where we would sit, we enjoyed some music and the gorgeous weather.

They were giving away bubbles for the kiddos so I headed out to get some with the kids.

There were 5 food trucks that night. We googled the different food trucks. We decided to go with Deux What Cha Wanna.

Deux What Cha Wanna is a Louisiana influenced food truck. Serving delicious Louisiana inspired Seafood dishes.

We placed our order and waited for our food to be prepared. The place was packed and they estimated that our food would be ready in 30 minutes. Which was fine since we were enjoying the music and time at the event.

But 30 minutes turned into over an hour. We started to get a little antsy, but we waited patiently. Expecting the food to be flawless when it came out.

Finally our number was called. We received our food. The food was hot. They definitely prepare the food made to order.

My son order the Chicken and Fries. Made of 3 Breaded and fried chicken tenders and fries.  Fried perfectly and lightly seasoned. Served with two hush puppies as well. He loved it.

Our daughter ordered the Deuxcate Poppers with mac and cheese. The Deuxcate Poppers were fried nicely. Made of boudin and cheese, in a wonton style wrapper.

They ran out of mac and cheese so gave her fries instead with two hushpuppies.

She loved the Deuxcate poppers. If you like boudin, you will love this one.

I ordered the Willie Mae Po Boy. The Willie Mae Po Boy consisted of Fried fish, fried shrimp, lettuce and tomatoes, onions on a toasted po boy bun and remoulade sauce. Served with fries and hush puppies.

Okkkkkk. Let me tell you this po boy was superb. The seafood was fried to perfection. The perfect amount of remoulade sauce. My only complaint is that they took a perfect po boy and placed it on a bed of hot fries. Which immediately sogged the bread of  the    po boy making it impossible to pick up. I had to eat it with a fork.

I was a little disappointed because the po boy ingredients were incredible. I would recommended possible getting some aluminum foil and separating the poboy from the fries.

This will prevent the food from getting soggy. Or possibly toasting the bread longer.

My husband ordered the Wanna Meal with Fried Fish and Shrimp. The plate came with 5 pieces of fried dish and 5 pieces of fried shrimp. Served with red beans and rice and hushpuppies.

This was the perfect plate for my husband. All of his favorite things in a plate. Reminded him of Louisiana. He said his food was really good.

Overall we really enjoyed the food truck. The service was really good. With the exception of the long wait. I don’t think that they weren’t expecting such a crowd of people. I think they will be better prepared next time.

The food was delicious overall. I think they can make a few minor adjustments. But as far as quality and taste they nailed it. Definitely taste like Louisiana.

Deux What Cha Wanna is a food truck that travels from location to location. Visit their website or Facebook for more information.