My son is officially 7. I think turning 7 is the milestone where they are no longer babies. Maybe it’s just me, 7 hits different.

He’s growing up so fast. One thing about turning 7 is he is starting to talk about doing more adventurous things like skateboarding, skydiving. Oh my word. STOP!

I am adventurous when it comes to food and travel, but not that sort of stuff. He recently visited a skatepark and I could see his wheels turning both literally and physically. It was as if he was in his element.

Well hence this years theme, Skateboarding. He absolutely loved this theme. We bought him a Skateboard and he is so excited. We even took him shopping for skater shoes and clothing. OH my gosh. So cute.

But this mom is a little nervous, Dad told me to chill. Ok cool. I will keep you posted about it all.

I wanted to share a link to the entire skateboard decorations here:

Shop here:

It is really cool party decor if you have a kid who loves skating or skateboarding.