Before moving to Texas, our daughter wasn’t into sports.  Matter of fact she hated sports. We tried getting her to the sports back in Lafayette in her younger years. But she would often gravitate to music. She still does and has grown into quite a musician.

Well when we moved here a few years ago and she started attending school here something clicked within her. She has gained a love for sports. Her work ethic for sports and academics is admirable.

She is now a multi-sport athlete who is really thriving in Academics and Sports at the Christian School she attends.

We just wrapped up the Basketball season and she is training for the upcoming Track Season. Track is an intense sport and we live in Texas so the heat is a factor. After each practice she needs to hydrate and recover.

One of the things that aids in her hydration and recovery is drinking Gatorade. Both my kids have always drank Gatorade after practices and games.

She recently had the opportunity to try the NEW Gatorade Zero with Protein Hydration. This Gatorade Zero will help kickstart your recovery. Gatorade Zero with Protein has all the electrolytes of Gatorade Thirst Quencher with zero sugar and 10g of protein.

This one was a favorite of my daughters. It’s perfect to quench your thirst right after a workout or training session.

Gatorade Protein Shakes  Gatorade to help rebuild muscles. Help rebuild your muscles with 30g high quality protein, and with vitamins, antioxidants & electrolytes.

Gatorade Recovery Whey Protein BarsThis one was created specifically for Athletes.The official protein bar of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB—Whey Protein Bars are made for fueling recovery to help muscles rebuild.

These will be great before or after big games!

If you have an athlete, I would definitely recommend these products.

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