Katy Asian Town is one of our favorite spots to visit for unique food and shopping. A Shopping center with an Asian supermarket, eateries for dim sum, poke, noodles, hot pot, desserts & more.

The area is constantly growing with new spots opening monthly. It seems every time we go back there are multiple new spots that have opened.

We were looking for a yummy treat and checked out Beard Papa’s. Beard Papa’s serves yummy cream puffs and drinks. They have such a cool story, I had to share it.

In 1999, a small bakery opened in the small town of Osaka, Japan. People in the town couldn’t resist the aroma from the bakery, or the kind face of the owner, Yuji Hirota. His fluffy white beard was so renowned that he became known as “Beard Papa” to all of his regular customers.

Groups of children would always ask Yuji when he was going to make another kind of delicious treat. Beard Papa wanted every new customer to feel like they were sitting with him in Osaka. He decided to make a pastry as fluffy and lovable as his beard, and cream puffs were just the treat. People loved his new treat so much that he had to open another store to accommodate all of his new friends. He never stopped, and now there are over 400 Beard Papa’s worldwide that have some of the best cream puffs ever made.

He perfected the art of his pastries by making a double layered puff–choux on the inside, and pie crust on the outside. Then, he proceeded to make the perfect filling, made with a mixture of whipped and vanilla custard cream. Beard Papa’s stores still use the recipe to this day, along with a ton of new recipes that are bound to satisfy any palette. Whether you are in Japan, Australia, Canada, or America you will always be able to find your own Beard Papa’s”. 

So cool.

We visited on a Friday afternoon to try out a few of their Cream Puffs. The process of ordering is pretty simple. You choose from 8 shell options like Strawberry, Oreo Cookie Crumble or Honey Butter just to name a few.

Then you choose a filling. There were 3 options Vanilla, Green tea or Chocolate.

My husband ordered the Honey Butter with Vanilla Cream filling. It was a simple puff but he really enjoyed it.

Mom ordered the Strawberry with vanilla cream. This puff was delicious.

Baby girl ordered the S’mores Eclair with Vanilla cream. This one was the most visually appealing.

My daughter loved this one!

In addition to Creme Puffs, they also serve flavorful drinks.

I also ordered the Strawberry Puff and the Tropic Thunder. One thing I loved about the puffs is that they treats weren’t overly sweet. The same with the drinks, it had the right amount of sugar and was well balanced.

Our son wanted the Honey Winter Melon Fresca. He absolutely loved this drink.

My daughter also tried the Lavendar Sparkle. The drinks were all pretty.

I would say that my only complaint was that there wasn’t a place to eat. They closed their tables. Plus if you will have photos of what the cream puffs looks like, it should look like the picture.

Overall we loved the cream puffs. The puffs were flavorful, delicious, tasty and pretty. The perfect size treat without busting too many calories.

The drinks were also very good. I loved the balance of flavors of each one.

The service was good.

Beard Papa’s is a unique dessert shop that you should definitely visit.

Beard Papa’s Katy is located at 23119 Colonial Pkwy, Katy, TX 77449. The Hours of Operation are Sunday – Thursday 12:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Friday – Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

GO check them out and be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.