About 6 months ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of the show World’s Best Burger. When I received the email about the show, I was beyond excited.  But also nervous at the same time. Though I describe food and create recipes for a living, having to speak on the spot about what I just had to eat for TV under pressure was a bit intimidating for me.

I am a very outgoing person but I am shy at times.  But I was ready for the challenge.

The World’s Best Burger is a TV Show where the Hosts Johan Jureskog and Frida Nordstrand travel to a specific city and challenge a local cook to a burger challenge.  Johan & Frida try the cuisine in the area for a couple of days, enjoy a little of what the city has to offer and creates a burger for the challenge.

The hubby & I drove up to New Orleans early so we could settle into our hotel and change clothes.

The French Market was where the taping was held.

The French Market is a place where you can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.

As well as products that are locally made like jellies, preserves, etc.

Not limited to only food but other products like jewelry, hats, t-shirts, and much more.

We were early so we roamed the area a little until it was time.

Approximately 15 minutes prior to the taping we were whisked away to an unknown location. We were taken to a holding place until our services were needed.

I met two other locals who were there to judge the competition as well. We chatted until it was showtime.

At this point the butterflies started but the video team and producer were so sweet. They explained the directions and how everything would go.

There were parts of the segment that we weren’t allowed to see. Some of the photos will be of the segment while it was going on, but were taken by the hubby for my records.

In our episode Johan Jureskog was challenging Adam Biderman of The Company Burger to a burger competition. The guest judges would choose the winner of the burgers.

The burgers arrived and looked amazing. We dug into the first burger at the same time. We commented about the burgers a little together.  Then we were individually asked what we liked about each burger in an interview segment.

The same thing was repeated for the second burger.

The first burger was a lamb burger.  The burger included Feta, basil mayo, red onion with a chili mint glaze.

The second burger was a burger was a beef burger with sautéed seafood, veggies and cheese.

Once each burger was was eaten we were given a flag to place in the burger that we loved the most.

We were handed an American Flag to choose our winning burger.  The anticipation mounted as Frida began to recap about the burgers. Then we were ordered to go without hesitation.

We each had an opportunity to do an exit interview and discuss a little more about what stood out most about the burger we chose without revealing the one we chose.

In addition a little about ourselves and what we did for a living.

The video team was wonderful.  Lots of laughs, fun and joking once we were done taping. They were great.

We shared lots of laughs together and took pics of course.

After choosing the winner, we were taken downstairs to the area where the TV Show was being recorded where the winner would be announced.

There was an audience watching and waiting to see who would win.  Frida recapped the burgers and did a little smack talking with the two Chefs to build up the anticipation. The burger was covered and about to be revealed.

She pulled the cover and the winner was revealed. The energy was incredible once the winning burger was chosen!!

For the record, the burger that I chose was the winning burger!!

Both Chefs did an amazing job on their burgers.


But let’s just say the winning burger edged a little beyond flavor wise.

When the winner was announced, let’s just say that the winner was ecstatic. His reaction was priceless. But I won’t say who it was, you have to watch the episode to find out, which can be watched following this link  The Worlds Best Burger.


The entire staff was amazing. They did a phenomenal job accommodating us and making us feel comfortable.

The experience was beyond exciting!  Such a fun day!  Being able to be a part of this experience was incredible.


Having the opportunity to work with Frida was a distinct honor.  She was so nice and super friendly.

Johan was down to earth and hilarious. Loved his energy and personality.

A special thank you to my husband for his continued support and encouragement. This experience was incredible and such a blessing for me. I am so excited to see what is next for me!


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