Thursday was our last day of our James bible study. So me & some of my favorite ladies went out to eat at a new place called ACME TACO. This restaurant has been opened for only a few months. I have heard some people talking about it. So when one of the ladies mentioned trying it, I was all for it. I must admit driving up to the place I was thinking to myself oh my, really. But walking in to the place I was thoroughly surprise to see the contemporary decor.  The interior is nicely decorated. 

 Well my drink of choice was strawberry lemonade. Acme Taco has some of the best strawberry lemonade I have had. I am an avid drinker of strawberry lemonade & good ones are hard to find. So we started off on a good foot.

Being that Acme Taco is a Mexican restaurant I was looking forward to trying their salsa. Loved it. It has a great kick! Nice spice, texture was perfect, not too thick, not too chunky, not to watery.  Queso is one of my favorite things at Mexican restaurant so I asked the waitress if they had some. She said that there was something similar called a Zucchini Crema that was a queso dip. Hmmm… When she bought the quote on quote queso to the table, I was shocked because it so didn’t look like queso. The zucchini crema was very interesting.. After adding some salt it was much better. Acme offers a few different types of salsa.

 I ordered the OMFG (oh my fried goodness) with beef & a flat griddled taco with crawfish. The OMFG was ok. It is a deep fried taco. She bought me one with chicken instead of with beef. No big deal I was so intrigued with the crawfish flat griddle taco that I ate all of that first! Yum. Deliciousness… I definitely would go back for that! As a side I chose the Patatas Y Espinacas which is white potatoes with spinach, crema & cheddar cheese. Not the best.

Now you know that when a group of ladies get together there is always some dessert somewhere in the picture. Literally. Well we had Sopapillas…OMG! Absolutely scrumptuous!! Nice & hot. The caramel dipping sauce was divine with the sopapillas…Addicted..

Overall opinion of Acme Taco, great place to eat. Friendly environment, nicely decorated dining area, fairly quick service. I will say, Choose wisely. Not everything I ate was great, but it definitely is a place worth visiting again.