Agave 2 Mexican Grill & Cantina has been opened for a couple of months now. The new location is formerly the WOW Cafe &  Wingery (509 Bertrand Dr).  Agave 2 is larger than the older location downtown. This location seats 200 people versus 150. Also offering live music & al fresco dining, which is layman terms is outdoor seating.  There are many sporting events that are held at the Cajundome & Cajun Field, so having this restaurant is a genius idea because after events people are always looking for a place to eat that is family friendly.

Agave 2 has a nice mexican theme decor. I prefer the building on Bertrand instead of the one downtown. One thing I love about both is the outdoor seating areas. Agave 2’s building was completely transformed to fit the mexican theme.

The Mexican men outside were so adorable, I couldn’t help but take a picture. Agave 2 has many different food choices that are not always your normal Mexican delicacies, often referred to as Southwest Tex Mex with a creole flair.

Upon arrival, I started looking at the menu immediately because I am slow to deciding what I want to eat. Thankfully, I am a multi-tasker, so I was able to chit chat and make a decision. One thing I did see on the menu was a dish called the Fried rabbit on a half shell with Queso. I didn’t order the dish, but I will definitely be trying this next time.  My choice was to go light, because I have been trying to cut back a little as well as offer some healthier choices to my blog readers.

Pictured above is the Chicken & Smoked Jalapeno Sausage Tortilla Soup. The soup had shredded chicken, with pieces of sausage topped with tortilla strips and sour cream. Delicious. This soup was scrumptious. A soup that’s good enough to be filling but not stuffed before your meal. The flavors married well together. Not to mention very pretty. A must have!!

Pictured above is the Taco Salad which has beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, red onions, olives, guacamole and chipotle ranch dressing all in a deep fried taco shell. Such a delicious salad, my favorite part was the crumbled taco shell in my salad. Yum. The chipotle dressing was superb! I need the recipe for that salad dressing. Delicious..

Pictured above is the Chicken Enchilada with white cheese sauce. Tammy ordered this meal. She said that it was delicious. The meal looked good, I didn’t taste the item but she loved it. The sides were pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and lettuce.

Mrs. Donna & Teresa ordered the Tilapia tacos. The marinated Tilapia is either grilled or fried, placed in a tortilla with ancho chipotle mayo, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and fresh jalapeno. The sides are rice and beans topped with cheese. The dish looked delicious. Sounded amazing. Sis. Donna told me she enjoyed the dish and she orders this often. Teresa enjoyed the dish as well. I love fish, so this will be on my must try list.

Mrs. Nichole ordered the Chicken Quesadilla. Though the entree looked delicious. Mrs. Nichole said it was poor with a thumbs down. Lol.. She barely touched her food, which is definitely not a good sign. I will not try this entree. Kmsl… The entree also came with rice and beans. 
Agave 2 serves complimentary chips and salsa. The salsa was just ok. I think it needed spice and salt. It wasn’t my favorite. I was going light, so I didn’t order the queso.
We didn’t order dessert, because we decided we were going to do coffee afterwards. 
Overall the food was delicious. The service was pretty good as well. I love the atmosphere. My favorite place to dine is outside. But their is plenty of seating inside with televisions for the sports watchers. Lol. More importantly I enjoyed the fellowship with the ladies. It is such a blessing to enjoy great friendship, laughter and talks about Christ! 
The owner of Agave also owns TrYnd Cafe & the Zeus Greek and Lebanese eateries.  Agave has two locations 200 E. Vermillion Street (downtown), 289-0000 & 509 Bertrand Drive, 889-5540. The downtown location is opened Mon-Wed from 11am-10pm, Thurs-Sat 11am-11pm & closed on Sundays for private parties. The Bertrand location is opened Mon-Thurs 11am-9 pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm & Sun 11am-9pm.