D & D Donuts & Kolaches has been around for a few years now. Recently D & D moved to a new building. They were previously located on Pinhook. This past Tuesday morning after I dropped my daughter to MDO, I wanted to pick up some breakfast before heading home to take care of my normal motherly/wifely activities, so I decided to try out D & D.

When I walked in, I noticed that there was not much available in the cases but a few trays. I asked the lady what she had left, she told me only kolaches. I wanted donuts, so I told her I would come back again. She gave me a card & told me to call before coming & she would take care of me. I thanked her and left.

After leaving that morning & seeing how there was not much left, I knew I needed to come back again and try out the items. The Thursday morning, I called her and told her what I wanted. When I walked in the environment was warm and inviting. I told her who I was and she had my items on the side.

I decided to stay and eat breakfast in their seating area. I ordered the cheeseburger kolaches, glazed donuts, chocolate donuts & turkey club kolaches, a chocolate donut stuffed with Bavarian cream. Of course, I didn’t eat all these items, but I did sample a few pieces of each for the sake of the blog.

Pictured above and below is the cheeseburger kolaches. The cheeseburger kolaches had ground meat, caramelized onions and cheese. The cheeseburger kolaches sort of reminded me of a stuffed bread. The caramelized onions were so good in the kolaches. Tasted just like a homemade cheeseburger. Deliciousness in a bun. Omg..

In the above picture, you can see the caramelized onions and the gooey, melted cheese. Amazing, the bread is made from scratch. The bread was nice and moist. The bread was very soft, not hard on the outside or inside.

The glazed donuts were delicious. All I was missing was a big glass of milk. D & D sells milk but not lactose free milk, so I settled for orange juice. In my opinion, the donuts were better than Meche’s. I do understand that many people are loyal to Meche’s but this place is a place that I highly recommend.
D & D offers a variety of donuts ranging from chocolate powdered donuts, donut holes, chocolate with sprinkles, fruit donuts, such as raspberry, blackberry, just to name a few.

I also tried a piece of the turkey club kolaches. The turkey club kolaches had turkey, egg, cheese and bacon. The kolaches were superb, but I wish it was hot. When she asked me what I thought about my choices, I told her my only complaint was that the turkey club kolaches was not hot enough. She told me that there is a microwave and if it needs to be heated the ones who want the kolaches hotter usually ask for it. That was good to know. She was so kind about it. I loved her spirit.

The kolaches come in a variety of stuffings. Each day there is at least 6-8 different kolaches choices. There are a few new items that are added occassionally, some permanently or for a short time. A few of the choices are zesty egg, steakhouse, meat lovers which has bacon, ham, sausage, beef and cheese just to name a few. 
There was a constant flow of customers coming in and out. Some of which that she knew because they were regulars. She knew some of the customer’s orders by memory. Which I thought was a great thing, because if you have reoccurring customers that’s a good sign. 
D & D’s bread is the best! Very addicting, you can’t just eat one bite. While eating this food, I was thinking how did I not know about this place.
Overall I loved my experience at D & D. Not only was the service amazing and the food inexpensive, the attitudes of the employees were pleasant! I enjoyed chatting with her in between her customers. There was an elderly black lady who cooks also and she was so funny. The two of them were sharing many stories in between customers. Such a great time and fellowship! I will definitely be going back again in the future. 
D & D Donuts & Kolaches are located at 1011 E. University (next to the Chevron), 235-7004. They are opened Monday-Friday from 5 am-11am & Saturdays & Sundays from 6am-11am. Please patronage this business. Such an awesome environment with amazing food! 

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2 thoughts on “D & D Donuts & Kolaches – Breakfast”

  1. Now friend, lol, this is my type of place!! I am a donut lover!!! I haven't fallen in love with any donut places here in Slidell. Of course my favorite is located in Metairie…out of my way to work. That cheeseburger kolache looks amazing!!! My type of hype!!! It is refreshing to hear of the great customer service, kind and sincere. This is so hard to find these days!!! I so love the blogs friend!!!

  2. Lol. We have to get you down here to try this place.. If I could package it & get it too you fresh, I would so hook you up. Kmsl.. Such a great place. I left full & encouraged. Those women were very encouraging and talked about the Lord and all the great miracles He has performed in each of their lives. Good stuff!!

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