One Sunday following Church service I was talking to my friend Carlie Faulk. We were talking about my food blog & she told me since you eat out so often have you ever used the website Seize the deal? I told her no, I’ve heard of it, but never really looked into it. She proceeded to explain to me how it worked. I was very intrigued, Carlie told me that she would send me some information.

Well the next morning, she had sent me several links of websites where you can purchase a coupon or voucher at different restaurants. Bargain Bee & Seize the deal were a few of the different sites. I took to the time and I signed up to receive emails. One of the first emails that I received was from Seize the deal for a half off voucher to Gyro King. I’ve always wanted to try Gyro King, so why not now? I purchased a $20.00 voucher for $10.00.

Lil mama & I were headed out to Clayfish Bisque so we stopped and ate there before going out for our afternoon day out and about. At first glance, I was not very impressed with the setup of the place. But, I have come across many restaurants that were hole in the walls and served amazing food. Hmm..What about this place?

Gyro King is a Greek/Lebanese restaurant/food store. Gyro King serves take out, dine in or you can purchase items to prepare your own meals at home. I was surprise to see how well stocked the Greek store was of products to prepare your own Greek/Lebanese delicacy at home. I’ve never prepared Greek meals so I didn’t know what half of the items were but it was good to know that if I wanted to prepare my own Greek meals this was the place to come.

There were not many drink choices, but I saw the Laziza Raspberry drink. This is a non-alcoholic drink. The drink is very similar to a sprite with raspberry. The Laziza was pretty good. I loved that it came in a bottle, particularly because it reminds me of the old days with the bottled drinks. Plus its low in calories for all the health conscious consumers looking for a beverage to drink besides water that doesn’t have a high calorie intake. This drink comes in an assortment of flavor lemon, apple, peach or plain. Very refreshing…

There many options to choose from on the menu. This was my first time, so it took me a few minutes to decide on what I wanted to eat. Well lil mama decided on a Gyro melt with fries. The Gyro Melt is a pita bread with lamb & cheese toasted and cut in half. Sort of like a quesedilla with crinkle fries. She loved it. I took a bite of the quesedilla and I must say that it was delicious. I could have ordered the Gyro Melt as my meal and been content. Very tasty!

My meal choice was the Gyro Platter which consisted of lamb, mujadarah, salad, hummus and a pita bread. Let me say this, we usually eat with our eyes before we even taste our food. The plate was in question for me. The hummus & salad looked normal, but the meat on top didn’t look right to me. I tasted the meat & said to myself this doesn’t taste like lamb to me. I took another bite and realized it was chicken. The meat wasn’t fresh at all. In addition, I ordered lamb not chicken. I bought it to her attention and I removed all of the chicken from my plate and she prepared my lamb. 

The lamb was very good. It remind me of the lamb from Zeus on the Go. The lamb was fresher than the chicken that’s for sure. The portion size was a good amount for a platter. I enjoyed the lamb. She was new so I understood her nervousness and mix up. I appreciated her kindness and the service that she gave.

The salad was very good. The dressing & feta cheese on the salad was yummy. I think I probably would have enjoyed a salad better than the meal. The hummus was just ok, it didn’t taste fresh. I love hummus but I wasn’t impressed with Gyro King’s hummus.

The mujadarah is a rice that looks very similar to dirty rice but it a rice and lentil mixture. This was my favorite thing that I ate at Gyro King. The mujadarah was delicious!! The dish tasted like rice dressing that you would prepare for a Sunday meal with your favorite meat! Scrumptious. My visit wasn’t in vain, something was on point!! Lol.

Overall my opinion of Gyro King is that it was just ok. I am thrilled and thankful that I didn’t pay full priced for the meal, because I would not have been happy. But, there were a few things that we liked. Maybe the food wasn’t that great because we arrived for lunch about 1:00 pm and the place was deserted.

I am not saying I would never return to Gyro King, but if I do it won’t be for a long time. I did enjoy my lunch with my baby girl!

So is Gyro King one of my Tastee Places?? Not this time, I think when it comes to Greek/Lebanese food, I will stick with my favorite place Zeus on the Go. You can’t go wrong with Zeus!! If you have tried Gyro King what was your experience? I want to hear from you.