Deano’s is one of my all time favorite places to eat. There are two locations here in Lafayette. Deano’s was named the best pizza in the nation. I love their pizza, the pizza’s are baked in brick ovens. Deano’s is a family owned parlor that started out with only pizza.

I have acid reflux, so too much tomato sauce isn’t good for me. One thing that they offer made from scratch Parmesan sauce on your pizza or season olive oil instead of the tomato sauce.

The Parmesan sauce with a Cajun executioner is my all time favorite. The Cajun Executioner is made with pepperoni, hot sausage, shrimp, bell peppers & onions & a lot of jalapenos. I have mine made with the Parmesan sauce.

This is the time of year where everyone is trying to eat healthier. So I decided to try a healthy meal so I could share it on my blog. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a salad or a light pasta. Since I couldn’t decide on my meal choice, I ordered my drink choice why I debated. Pictured below is a Shirley Temple which is basically a sprite with cherry juice & cherries in the drink. Yum, yum!

The soup of the day was the Broccoli & Cheese soup.  I love a good soup, so what better appetizer for a  healthier meal. Delicious. The creaminess of this soup was off the charts. Chunks of broccoli with cheese in the soup & topped with shredded cheese. The soup was awesome.

Well after much thought, I decided on the Turkey Burger. The Turkey Burger was prepared nicely. The fresh patty was cooked perfectly. The Burger was dressed with lettuce, mayo, red onions, tomatoes, mustard & sliced avocado. When I say this was an amazing turkey burger, I am so not kidding. The avocado added a nice freshness to the turkey burger.

The turkey burger came with fries, but I substituted for sweet potatoes fries. I’ve had my share of sweet potatoes fries, these were my favorite. I had a side of honey (not pictured here). The sweet potato fries had a little salt on top & that was all. Fezzo’s has been my favorite place for sweet potato fries, but I have a new favorite. 

Normally turkey burgers are dry and not moist. You can see from the picture how juicy it was. I would eat the turkey burger again. The burger was dressed nicely and made for a beautiful looking sandwich. If you are looking for a healthier choice, I definitely suggest this turkey burger.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised how awesome the burger was at Deano’s. Then again, maybe not, because there are not many things that I have tried at Deano’s that I haven’t like. I will say that I prefer Deano’s South better. I know they are both owned by the same person, but the service is better to me. 
One thing I will suggest that you try from Deano’s is the fried oreo’s! Amazing. Omg, so addicting. I did not order any this trip, because of my healthy choice. The fried oreo’s come either golden oreo’s or chocolate oreo’s. I prefer the golden better.  A fried oreo is a double stuffed oreo (chocolate or golden) wrapped in a flaky dough, lightly fried, drizzled with chocolate for the chocolate oreos or caramel for the golden & sprinkled with powdered sugar. Awesomeness!! Please try just for me. I want to know what you think!! 
Deano’s has two locations, one on 305 Bertrand, 337-233-5446, Deano’s South is located at 2312 Kaliste Saloom, 337-534-8092.

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4 thoughts on “Deano’s South – On the Healthy Side”

  1. Deano's has been one of our favorites for a long time. I haven't tried Deano's South but I plan to next month. I'm glad to see that you liked it better! They also have Pizza Village coming on this side that I can't wait to try. Maybe that can be one of our Thursday stops.

  2. I love, love pizza!!! I think it is awesome that you have been selecting healthy items and proving that they can too be delicious!!! You know how we roll in the south!!! I am guilty of always ordering now healthy items. Even when I think I want to try something healthy. That turkey burger looks amazing!!!! We need a Deano's South in Slidell!!!

  3. Friend their pizza is amazing.. One of my all time favorite places! Great environment and atmosphere for family. The fried oreos are to die for!! Delicious.. The turkey burger was one of the best I have ever had. It was cooked perfectly!! I agree Deano's should expand to Slidell. U would love it!!

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