A few weeks ago, I received a message that Cochon was having a Boucherie. The cost was $40.00 per person family style feast. Well I decided that I wanted to attend this event. I must say the event was what I thought it would be, but 10 X’s better. In the past, I have been to a few Boucherie’s and there was no comparison to Cochon’s Boucherie.

For those who may not know Cochon is a restaurant that serves Southern & Cajun Inspired Food. Originally from New Orleans, Cochon is located in River Ranch. There is outdoor seating, indoor dining, which can accommodate large or small parties and there is an outdoor deck that overlooks the Vermilion river.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, the bartender had mixed up a Vermilion Sunset Cocktail. The cocktail consisted of vodka, peach liquor, lemon bitter, moonshine, strawberry juice, lemon juice and a splash of soda. The drink smelled very strong, but I didn’t drink any. The cocktail looked like a fruit drink. This was served until it was time for dinner.

The terrace area was beautiful. The weather that day was gorgeous. It was perfect. There was a great turnout for this event. The Boucherie started at 5:00 on the terrace, whole pig hors d’oeuvres were served till 7:00.

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The waiters/waitress served boudin with pickled banana peppers on topped, homemade crouton topped with pimento cheese and pickled shallots, homemade toasted bread with hog head cheese topped with coarse mustard and green onions and house homemade andouille sausage and coarse mustard. These hors’ doeuvres were some of the best I have ever tasted. The servers went around to each table repeatedly with each hors d’oeuvres.  

The boudin was also homemade. Smoked perfectly. As a child my grandparents use to make boudin. I’ve had my share of boudin and this boudin was delicious. The banana peppers on top gave it a nice texture. The boudin was spicy but very good. Omg I can taste it right now. Most of the hors d’oeuvres are served on a normal day on a Boucherie plate.

The house homemade andouille sausage was delicious. The sausage wasn’t dry, it was cooked nicely. The mustard was also made from scratch. The coarse mustard on top add a nice taste to the sausage. So good.

The homemade toasted bread which was similar to a baguette was topped with made from scratch pimento cheese and pickled shallots. The baguette was very good, toasted nicely and the pimento cheese was amazing. This hors d’oeuvres was my favorite one.

The baguette was topped with homemade hog head cheese with coarse mustard and green onions. I am not a big fan of hog head cheese. My husband loves hog head cheese, so I always taste his different brands that he brings home. This hog head cheese was good, the mustard was very interesting on top. The mustard was a little spicy and the the green onion added a nice crunch. All together each ingredient married so nicely, not too salty at all but well balanced flavors.

My drink of choice was my usual a Shirley Temple. This Shirley temple was so refreshing. The right amount of sprite and cherry juice. Yum yum! I ordered a few and I wasn’t disappointed! 

Cochon also offers indoor seating for the customers. There is a bar area, open dining areas and even open room that allows you to see the chefs preparing the meals. Very nice seating arrangements inside. The bar area has an overflow right behind the bar. 

The pictures on the left and the right are pictures of the fresh ingredients that Cochon grows on site. Anything from fresh cabbage, lime, strawberries, basil, parsley, etc is grown in the rear of the building in wood boxes.

The pics that you are about to see shows very graphic pics of how a hog is prepared. Berkshire-Blue Butt Hog

This is one of the Chef’s that cooked the hog. The hog was roasted for 22-26 hours. A hog cooks best low and slow rather than fast. Salt & different spices were rubbed on the hog. The hog was basted through the night with water, basil, Chile powder, salt, pepper, lemon & cinnamon.

The aroma was amazing as you approached the hog. Omg, I could have just ate right from the pig. The pictures are not as appealing but I assure you that the taste was awesome!!

The Hog was cooked on something called an Open Asado Rig. Asador refers to barbecue technique.  As pictured above this was the hog as it cooled. The hog was laid on hot coals to cook but it was in an open area. This style of cooking allowed everyone to see the hog while it cooked. Everyone was so impressed with the openness. I am use to seeing a hog prepared in a bbq grill, with the top closed. This is a very interesting technique.

The hog was attached to iron with wire. I’ve been to a few Boucherie’s in my day and I have never seen a hog cooked that way. 

The Chef’s worked together to carry the hog to the table. The hog combined with the iron was very heavy. Everyone looked in anticipation as they carried the hog!

The mixture that was used to baste the hog was used to prevent the hog from drying out. The basting kept the exterior of the hog with a gloss/shine.

The Chef’s began to peel back the skin. At this point the aroma was off the charts. The patrons were licking their lips, waiting to dig in. I had a piece of the skin, it taste like a cross between bacon and cracklin. Delicious!

Pictured above are the Chef’s of Cochon Lafayette & the Cochon New Orleans.

It took the Chef’s about 20 minutes are so to remove the hog from the stand, remove the skin and cut up the hog into pieces. 

There were three different sauces on the table that were used at Boucherie, the California BBQ sauce, which is vinegar based. The Cochon BBQ sauce & Olive Oil, basil & chives that were mixed hours before the event. There was also vinegar with spices and vinegar with peppers.

Pictured above is Cochon’s homemade bread. The bread was soft, moist and buttery. Very good.  There were several sides that accompanied the hog.

Pictured above is the macaroni salad. The macaroni salad is a cold salad that consisted of bell peppers, celery & onions. The salad was crunchy and spicy. The macaroni had some kick.

Pictured above is the Carrots. The carrots had a smoky taste with dill. The carrots were very interesting. Though I don’t eat carrots on a regular basis. The dish was ok, but very healthy.

Pictured above is grilled onion with a little salt and pepper. The onions tasted great on top of the hog. Put the onions and meat on one of the homemade roll. Awesome!! A mini sandwich. So good!

Tomato salad shown above had tomatoes, radishes and zucchini. The ingredients were tossed in vinegar and seasonings. The dish was very tangy. Quite refreshing.

Pictured above is the beets salad. The beet salad had beets, peas, basil. I am not a fan of beets. The dish was average for me, but probably because I don’t like beets.

Also pictured below is the white beans with tasso and sausage. Omg, this was my favorite side dish. I could have eaten this dish over rice. This dish is served regularly at Cochon. Scrumptious!! 

Pictured below is the hog. The hog was cut and covered in a special gravy that was prepared just for the hog. The meat was amazing. Tender, great flavor and spices. The hog was seasoned perfectly. The sauce was similar to a vinegar based gravy with red pepper flakes. It was amazing. I could have eaten just the meat! Omg.. My mouth is salivating as I am looking at this picture. Succulent..

If you have never been to a Boucherie, I recommend you try one. I believe that Cochon has one yearly. Next year, I will be in attendance again. Such a great environment! The service was amazing, the waiters and waitress did an awesome job!

Pictured below are the people who shared a table with us. The set up was family style. We had a great time with the mother and son group pictured to the left. The couple pictured to the right was very sweet. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I even had the opportunity to talk to them about my blog.
Fun times!!

We were very surprised to hear that dessert was going to be served as well. At that point, we were full and were satisfied with all the amazing dishes we had tried! The dessert was Chocolate Chip bread pudding. OMG!! Deliciousness!! This was so so good!!

One of the guys from our table ordered bourbon vanilla ice cream to put on top. I told him, I didn’t think I could eat another bite, he insisted we try it. I will say, it was worth it! That ice cream on top was off the chain!!! Awesome! After I ate the dessert I had on my plate, the last thing I wrote was “Wow, Amazingly Superb, Roll Me Out”!! Lol..

Though I have eaten at Cochon before, I was impressed with the Boucherie. Cochon has amazing food and wonderful service. The food was top notch! The event was organized perfectly. 
Cochon serves Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails, Sunday brunch. Cochon has received many accolades since opening such as Acadiana’s best new restaurant, The Capital of Cajun Country just to name a few. The Executive Chef Mr. Donald Link has also been chosen as a finalist in the James Beard Foundation National Outstanding Chef Award! What amazing achievements, it shows when you dine with Cochon.  
This was Cochon of Lafayette’s first time hosting a Boucherie. I will say that it was an overwhelming success. In the future, we will attend again and again. Lol, but in all seriousness this is a great event to have a date night with friends. 
Cochon is located at 921 Camellia Blvd. The hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm & Sunday 10am-3pm. The contact number is 993-9935. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
Thanks for reading!!