As we all know summer time is quickly approaching us. There is not much we can do to keep ourselves cool besides staying inside in the cool air conditioning or enjoying a nice cool treat. Lol. Well This post will include a few of my favorite spots to buy ice cold snowballs. If I have not included your favorite places in this post, please send me your suggestions.

Shortline Caboose is one of the best places to get snowballs. This is not my favorite places but it is definitely a favorite of mine. A few months ago, I tried shortline for the first time. Though I have seen this place many times in passing, I decided to stop by only a few months ago.

Upon arrival I love the whole set up and appearance of Shortline Caboose. The snowball stand is in an actual train caboose. What an amazing idea, so cute.  There are many flavors to choose from. The menu ranges from snowballs to ice cream to other snacks. 

My all time favorite snowball flavor is strawberry cheesecake. I always add the condensed milk on top. Amazing. Cajun Sno is where I usually go if I want a snowball, but to my surprise the snowballs at Shortline Caboose was superb. The right amount of both cream and snowball juice. I don’t usually like my snowballs with the top on but it was so juicy, I had no complaints!! 

Lil mama isn’t much of a snowball girl, so I ordered her a lemonade. The lemonade was very good. It could have used some ice because it was room temperature. The taste was great. Not too strong, not too sweet, perfectly squeezed lemonade. Yum..

My only downside with the Shortline Caboose is that the driveway is very tight and if you change your mind about ordering a snowball and want to leave you will have to sit and wait until the person in front of you is done. There is no lane to pass if you get out of line. Other than that, I have no real complaints. 
Shortline Caboose is located 3841 Verot School Rd, Youngsville, LA, 261-4000. The hours of operation is Mon-Fri from 1:00pm-7:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-7:00pm & Sun 1:00pm-7:00pm. 

My absolutely favorite snowball stand is Cajun Sno. I think everyone in Lafayette has tried Cajun Sno at least once in their lifetime. As a teenager, my childhood best friend and I would go get snowballs every weekend. We absolutely loved it.

You can drive up to Cajun Sno at any time of day and see a line. In the summer time is the worst, the line will wrap all around past Don’s Seafood Hut. Pictured above is the Strawberry Cheese Cake with cream (Condensed milk). Omg, my mouth is watering just looking at this pictured. Omg..I want one right now.

Cajun Sno doesn’t have the top on their sno balls. This is the way I like it. No top. Look at the juice in that cup. Delicious! If you have never had Cajun Sno, get in your car right now and go!! Lol..

Pictured below is the plain Strawberry. My husband loves strawberry.

Cajun Sno is located at 4303 Johnston Street, 981-3342. Cajun Sno is one of the only snowball stands that I know that is opened year round. The hours of operation are Sun-Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm. The hours are a little different during the winter time.

Flava Snowballs is a snowball stand that has been in existence for a short amount of time. The snowball stand sells a variety of items. They serve anything from nachos, chili cheese fries, hot dogs even down to barbecue plate lunches on Sundays.

The snow ball pictured above is a strawberry cheese cake with cream. The snowball was average in my opinion, the thing that I didn’t like is that there was not enough juice in the snowball. Overall it wasn’t bad but next time I would ask for extra juice. With that being said, Flava offers other items that are really good.

Flava Snowballs is located at 2800 Louisiana Ave.

Murph’s Olde Tyme Snowballs is the last place that I will showcase in this blog. This snowball stand is located behind Olde Tyme Grocery. This stand only serves snowballs. There are not as many flavors as most Snowball Stand.

I was very disappointed to find out that they didn’t have strawberry cheesecake.  I asked the lady working what she recommended. She recommended the ice cream flavored snowball with cream.  I will say in comparison to all the snowballs stands listed above, I found this snowball stand to be my least favorite.  The girls that were working were not friendly. The girls seemed bored or as if someone was bothering them. I loved the ice in the snowball but I didn’t care for the flavor of the snowball. I can’t blame anyone for that but myself. I should have chosen a better flavor.

Overall the snowballs at Murph’s was average. It was not superb, but it wasn’t horrible. I will try Murph’s again but this time I will choose my own flavor next time. Lol..

Murph’s is located at 218 West St. Mary behind Olde Tyme Grocery.

 Snowballs are a treat that any age can enjoy. I want to hear what your favorite snowball stand is and where it is located. One of my favorite snowball stands not listed is The Big Chill which is located in Breaux Bridge. The Big Chill has the best ice. I tried to get there before completing this blog post but I didn’t have a chance to go.  Maybe I will showcase them at a later date.