Last Thursday a few ladies and I agreed to do a mani/pedi day. Most of us received pedicures with the exception of one she chose a manicure. My schedule had been so hectic the past few weeks, so I was super excited to finally get a chance to enjoy a pedicure. After our mani/pedi we decided to grab a bite to eat. 

I suggested Tortilla Soup for dinner. When Tortilla Soup first opened months ago a friend & I had dinner there and we enjoyed it. So I figured since most of these ladies love Mexican I figured Tortilla Soup would be perfect since none of the ladies had visited the restaurant. I was threatened and told that if it was horrible, I would never be allowed to pick another restaurant ever again. Lol. The pressure was on! 
We were seated and almost immediately chips and salsa were placed on the table with four little bowls for the salsa. The four bowls were a big deal because some of my friends are OCD when it comes to chips and dip. Lol, they don’t believe in sharing dip. I tease them all the time, because I don’t mind as long as your not double dipping! Kmsl. So I was up plus one, because of the bowls being placed without having to ask for it.  

The salsa was fresh and delicious. The Cilantro was potent in the salsa, but I loved it. The ladies enjoyed the chips and salsa as well. We went through quite a few baskets of chips.

Mrs. Nichole & I always order queso when we go to a Mexican restaurant. Queso is my fave, I prefer queso over salsa anyday. For those who may not know what queso is, it basically a cheese dip. Just a fancy way of saying. Lol..

Tortilla Soup host/hostess administer excellent service. The young lady who served us was very precise and on point with everything. She accommodated us very well. Our drinks were filled without having to ask for another one. What I loved was that she was on it without being nagging.

Teresa & Kari had the Supreme Chicken Burritos with rice and beans topped with lettuce and tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole. Kari loved her meal, she said that the rice was excellent. Some Mexican places serve crunchy rice, but she said the rice was perfect.

Teresa had the same dish and she said that the dish was superb with a thumbs up. Kmsl.. Anytime I see the thumbs go up, I know what that means. Lol.. She said that the beef was seasoned well and she loved the fact that the lettuce was on top and not inside of the burrito.

Mrs. Nichole had the Chicken Flautas. A chicken Flauta is a flour tortilla filled with meat & cheese or just meat that is deep fried. The dish looked amazing. She said that the dish had real chicken that was shredded. The chicken wasn’t as salty as she likes it to be, but she enjoyed the dish. As pictured above you can see that the dish was served with guacamole, sour cream and fresh tomato salsa. Mrs. Nichole recommends ordering the dish with queso instead of the guacamole and sour cream. 
I ordered the beef chimichanga topped with queso which was served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato salsa and guacamole. I loved my dish, I have no complaints about my dish at all. The rice and beans were fresh. Delicious dish.

As I stated earlier that Tortilla Soup has been opened for several months. One thing that I like is that there is a Mariachi band that plays  in the evenings at the restaurant. The band goes from table to table and ask for song request. I am not sure what days they are there but when my friend and I went months ago we loved it.

Tortilla Soup also has outdoor seating for those who enjoy sitting on the outside. There is also a bar area inside with flat screen TV’s. The atmosphere at Tortilla Soup is very inviting and warm.

Tortilla Soup also serves Sushi. I didn’t have any sushi but I may go back one day during lunch and try the sushi. I believe their sushi is a mix between Mexican and sushi. Which could be very interesting. Hmm…We shall see… 
Overall our experience at Tortilla Soup was superb. Since the ladies enjoyed it, I guess I will be allowed to pick a restaurant. Kmsl… Check this place out! Good stuff. Let me know what you think..
Tortilla Soup is located at 3910 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy next to Copeland’s. The hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday from 11am-9pm, Thursday-Saturday 11am-12am & Sunday 11am-9pm. Contact Tortilla Soup at 704-2377.