The Gregory is a restaurant that is located in the Historic Watermark Hotel.

Fairly new to the culinary scene in Baton Rouge, LA.  The restaurant is adjacent to the Watermark Hotel lobby.

The setup is really cool, with the bar on one side and the kitchen on the other, the restaurant is located in the middle.

The wall displayed vintage murals that were hand painted by Angela Gregory. The Gregory’s goal is to offer a new dining experience that you’ve been wanting.

Chef’s Drue Vitter and Chad Galiano have designed menus that offer fresh, organic, local vegetables and proteins.

The menu has Southern dishes and drinks. Offering creative cooking styles using wood-stone oven, a Spanish Josper oven and a cast iron grill which enhances the flavors and creates amazing one of a kind dishes.

Enough about the backstory of the restaurant, let’s talk about the most important part, the FOOD.

The Gregory definitely offers an amazing culinary experience. Offering Southern dishes with a twist.

I arrived for dinner and was immediately seated. I wanted a view of the dining room as well as the wood stone oven.

After being seated, the waitress arrived at the table very quickly with a tablet. The Gregory is very high tech with a digital menu. I loved this, because I am a very techie lady.

I scrolled through the menu before deciding on anything. I wanted a mocktail so one was created for me. A gorgeous mocktail and very fruity, the Berry Blast Mocktail.

To start, I ordered a Pork & Oyster small plate. The dish included 4 crispy fried oysters served on top of 4 pork belly, Berkshire pieces that are cooked in-house with a plum jam and garnished with goat cheese and green onion.

Presented nicely, the pork belly had a smoky taste and oysters were fried golden brown. The goat cheese completed the dish nicely. A superb dish. This dish had me wanting more.

I ordered the Gulf Fish, fresh gulf fish of the day served with crab macque chaux, buttermilk corn pancakes and finished with a pepper jelly. A really good dish. Some of the components didn’t seem like they would work but did.

My only complaint was that my buttermilk corn pancake was a little too charred on the bottom for my liking but other than that. The flavors were phenomenal!

For dessert, I ordered the Butternut Squash Bread Pudding. A very decadent dessert with rich flavor. I loved the presentation of the dessert in a cast iron skillet with a crusty top and creamy texture. Superb!

As I prepared to end the evening, I took a minute to speak a little more with my waitress. She was very informative, her stories about the Gregory were intriguing. She presented me with an old library book with my check on the inside. Because I was staying at the Watermark, I had my check billed to my room.

But she proceeded to tell me how each guest is presented their check in an old book. The Gregory encourages you to leave your mark, by sharing a little something about your experience at the restaurant.

It was an honor to be able to do so.

Overall my experience at the Gregory was nothing short of exceptional. The food and service was top notch. First class service and the food was presented with great detail. The flavors of each dish all worked together offering a well balanced dish.

The environment was calm with good background music. A gorgeous restaurant that is very welcoming.

The Gregory is a place that you can enjoy for lunch, dinner or a special brunch. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Watermark Hotel and the Gregory Restaurant.

Looking for a restaurant with great service and incredible food, The Gregory is the place to be. Let the Gregory give you the dining experience that you want and deserve.

The Gregory is located at 150 Third Street in Baton Rouge, LA 70801.  For more information about The Gregory Restaurant, visit there website at

For more on the Watermark Hotel, visit my website.


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