Pho’tastic is located in the heart of Downtown Lafayette. When we walked in, we loved the atmosphere and environment of the restaurant. When we arrived the restaurant was almost full and it wasn’t quite lunch time. But within a few minutes of being seated the restaurant was packed.

The decor of the Pho’tastic was Modern combined with Contemporary. I loved the brick style wall and the pendant lamps. My favorite touch was bar area that had beautiful blue fluorescent lights near the the bar stools. Loved that.

To drink, I ordered a fresh squeezed lemonade. I know some might be saying , who cares. I do, a good drink is very important to me. The lemonade was a little tart but I added a little sugar and it was perfect.

As a starter we ordered the Vietnamese Egg Rolls. The eggs rolls was stuffed with pork, prawn, shrimp and vegetables in a thin wonton paper and deep fried to a crunchy texture. Served with lettuce leaves, pickled carrots and sweet and sour sauce dip.  Absolutely delicious. We loved the crunchiness of the egg roll, the sauce married well with the ingredients of the egg roll. The pickled carrots were delicious. I don’t normally eat carrots, but it was very good. A great appetizer.

We also ordered the Fresh Spring rolls. The spring roll included bean sprouts, lettuce, cilantro, shrimp, pork and vermicelli wrapped in a rice paper. Served with peanut sauce. The spring rolls were fresh. The peanut dipping sauce was your traditional peanut sauce topped with peanuts. A very refreshing, cleansing dish that gets you ready for the next course.

I ordered the Pho Combination which was a Beef rice noodle soup with Eye round steaks, flank steaks, flank, fatty brisket, soft tendon, tripe and meat ball. This Pho was superb. The pho was packed with flavor and loaded with meat, green onions, purple onions and cilantro. The soups are served with a fresh plate of bean spouts, lime, spicy jalapeño and basil leaves. The only thing I added to my dish was a hint of lime and a few pieces of jalapeño that is all. The Pho didn’t need a thing. Delicious.

My husband ordered the Rice Plate. The Rice Plate is a plate with Grilled Chicken, Fried Egg, Vegetables and Fried Rice. A beautiful Plate with pops of color throughout. Everything was seasoned well on this plate.  A great choice indeed. The fried egg was a great addition.

Overall we absolutely loved our dining experience at Pho’tastic. The food was superb. The service was accurate and spot on. Only downfall would be that the restaurant is a little small, so the during the lunch rush the place filled up fast; a suggestion would be to arrive early. I highly recommend you check out this place.

Pho’tastic is located at 431 Jefferson Street, Lafayette,LA. The hours of operation are Mon.-Thurs. 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:30 – 9:00 pm, Friday – Saturday 11:00 am -2:00 pm and 4:30 pm – 2:00 am (Last call is at 1:30 am) and closed on Sunday.