The Sizzling Monkey is a Steakhouse, Bar and Event Venue. The Sizzling Monkey is becoming one of Lafayette’s newest hot spot in the Downtown area.


The decor of the Sizzling money is very upscale combined with a rustic feel and touches of contemporary accents.


The restaurant offers a casual-fine dining atmosphere. With a menu inspired by Cuban and Cajun influences.


Mr. Winston holds a very special place in the dining room.


The restaurant is divided into 3 different areas. Below is the Red Bar, the Red Bar is gorgeous with wood accents and offers a clean look. The Red Bar was my favorite area.


The Red Bar had Televisions, perfect for watching the big game.


Different Monkey photos, accents and visuals are present through out the entire building.


Now for what you came here to read about the food. Below is the Monkey Mishap minus the the Gin. The Monkey Mishap is one of their Cocktails that The Sizzling Monkey offers.

I love fruity drinks but I don’t drink alcohol. The Monkey Mishaps was made for me as a virgin drink.


The chicken slider was superb. A hawaiian slider bun with chicken and bacon, similar to a chicken salad sandwich. Good flavor.


Below is the Cuban Sandwich. The Cuban Sandwich consisted of a smoked pork shoulder, swiss cheese, dill pickles and deli sliced ham with yellow mustard.  So good.


We also had a chance to try Masitas de Puerco and the Chicken Balas. The Masitas de Puerco (on the left) a crispy pork that is marinated in citrus and savory garlic served with a Mojo Criollo aioli. The pork with the dipping sauce was delicious.

The Masitas de Puerco (on the right) butterflied chicken breast, jalapeño, cream cheese and pineapple wrapped in bacon and served with roasted red cream sauce. The sauce was delicious. The chicken was cooked well, not dry.

The Sizzling Monkey 8

The main event of the day was the reveal of the Lava Rock. The Lava Rock was heated in a special oven to 440 degrees. The protein is seasoned and cooked right on The Rock, hence On the Rocks as the menu item.


Scallops, Shrimp, Chicken, Filet, Tuna and Ribeye was seasoned and cooked on the Lava Rock.


The items are cooked and buttered as they cook to prevent the food from drying out.


Below is the Tuna, the Scallops and the Filet. I tried the Scallop and the Tuna. The Scallop was cooked perfectly and absolutely beautiful sear on the Scallop. The Tuna was moist and not overcooked. Perfectly seasoned. The butter sauce was perfect on the Tuna.


The Lava Rock remains hot for 45 minutes. This will make for a great conversation piece and an amazing dining experience. I am already planning our visit to enjoy this hands on opportunity to try the Lava Rock.


After the Media Preview Event, my friend and I decided to hang around and try a few additional appetizers.


Above is the Zucchini Fries. The Zucchini is battered, fried and served with a dipping sauce. We didn’t try this one, but I wanted to photograph it for the sake of the blog. The presentation of the fries were on point and they looked delicious.


Above is the Lobster Balls. House Macaroni and cheese, lobster, deep fried and served with a roasted red cream sauce. This appetizer was so good. Chunks of lobsters and cream macaroni. Superb.

Sizzling Monkey 1

Lastly we tried the Monkey Oysters. The toppings for the oyster was cream cheese, candied jalapeños, red peppers, pepper jack cheese and bacon. The toppings were a great choice. But my only complaint is that the oysters were not Chargrilled but more on the raw side. I am ok with raw but I prefer Chargrilled.


My friend and I had a great time at the Media Preview Event. The Sizzling Monkey’s Grand Opening is Friday, February 26th from 11 am – closing. All appetizers will be 50% off during the Grand Opening.

Sizzling Monkey 4

Head on over and support The Sizzling Monkey and help make their Grand Opening a huge success.

“Everyone deserves to add a little sizzle to their day with scrumptious food”.


The Sizzling Monkey is located at 116 E Vermillion Street, Lafayette, LA 70501, 337-408-3611

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