Nintendo has been around for many years. I grew up playing Nintendo as a kid. Super Mario brothers was one of my favorite games to play. Nintendo still abides in the gaming system world.

Nintendo commonly offers colorful visuals, memorable musical beats and iconic controllers. Nintendo has conquered all the senses but one. The sense of taste. Not anymore, Nintendo is partnering with Yogurtland for a family, fun-filled adventure.

Partnering with Nintendo, Yogurtland’s new promotion is “bringing together many generations of frozen yogurt and video game fans to inspire summer fun”.


Yogurtland contacted me about coming by and trying the new Nintendo inspired flavors.


In the past, some of the popular Nintendo Characters were Mario, Yoshi, and Goomba. This week, I solicited the help of Baby girl to come with me on this GAME ON Experience.


When we walked in, Nintendo had taken over Yogurtland. Super cute. There was many Nintendo accents throughout the Yogurtland store.


There was a large GAME ON poster up front with the different characters and flavors that would be showcased each week.


Yogurtland had 3 Nintendo inspired flavors for this week:


The Mario Chocolate Gelato; The chocolate gelato consisted of real chocolate, rich cocoa and a hint of vanilla. A creamy, decadent dessert.


Yoshi’s Honeydew, packed with Vitamin C. Delicious, juicy and sweet Honeydew Melons.


Goomba’s Iced Coffee which was an Iced Coffee Froyo.


Baby girl chose the Mario’s Chocolate Gelato. The Gelato was topped with chocolate cereal puffs, gummy bears, shy guys and stars marshmallows with a little marshmallow puff.

She really enjoyed the gelato. Chocolate is her favorite. Creamy and chocolate decadence topped with her toppings of choice.


I decided on half Yoshi’s Honeydew and half Strawberry yogurt.  The Honeydew melons are sweet, juicy, super yummy and packed with Vitamin C, creamy, flavored yogurt. So good.


I topped the Yoshi’s honeydew side with fresh strawberries and the strawberry side with fresh blackberries. Fruity, just like I like it!!


In addition to the Nintendo inspired yogurt, there were also Nintendo spoons, available in a red collectible Mario spoons or the green Yoshi spoons.


Before leaving, I spoke with a family seated behind me. The family was really sweet and opened to chatting with me. I was curious to see what their thoughts were on the flavors. I took a picture of one of the dessert creations by one of the girls and it was cute and nicely decorated. Pictured below.


A few of the kiddos tried the Mario’s Chocolate gelato. They really enjoyed the chocolate.

Mom ordered the Goomba’s Iced Coffee. The Iced Coffee blends together Sumatra Coffee and Espresso. A Sweet and creamy guilt free treat. Mom said it was like having a nice afternoon Starbucks treat without having to go to Starbucks. Very good.


I didn’t try it but I ordered one for my babysitter to try. I made her Goomba’s Iced coffee Froyo with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top.


Such a cool idea for the summer season. This summer promotion is running now until September 8th. The flavors change weekly.


In addition, be sure to visit for the opportunity to win a Wii U System and 1 year of Free Yogurt. No purchase necessary.


The GAME ON posters showcase the other flavors like Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart, Toad’s Rocky Road, Princess Peach Tart,  Donkey Kong Banana Cream, Shy Guy’s Pineapple Lime Coconut Sorbet, Koopa Troopa’s Lemon Cupcake and Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio. Yummy. Sounds delicious.


Grab your family and head on over to Yogurtland and “Take your taste buds to the next level with a fun-filled adventure”.


Yogurtland is located at 104 E. Kaliste Saloom, Lafayette, LA. The hours of operation are Monday – Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.


Be sure and tell them that Da’ Stylish Foodie sent you.




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