As a food writer, I am always looking for places to work. Coffee Shops have become my favorite spots and about a little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of checking out Zuhause Bakery & Coffee Shop.

Both of my kids attend school near the area where Zuhause is located. I have passed by the building several times in the last few weeks and I had been waiting with anticipation for the opening day.

When I heard that Zuhause was having a soft opening, I couldn’t wait to go. I normally give places a chance to work out the kinks, but this coffee shop was a highly anticiapted opening.

I arrived at about 8:15 a.m., the exterior was very welcoming. Offering a clean black and off white look. I immediately noticed that there was a large outdoor patio. A big plus with the fall season right around the corner.

As I entered the coffee shop, the decor was very classy. Between the delicious looking pastries and the beautifully decorated coffee shop, I wasn’t sure what I should photograph first.

I loved the different seating choices. I decided to sit in the oversized booth. This would give me plenty of space to work as well as photograph my food choices.

The coffee shop had a few customers already there when I arrived.

The team was in training mode but didn’t forget to greet the customers. I checked out the food cases and began to make a few choices. There was so much to choose from. Even though there was a limited menu for the week, the choices were great!

I decided to order a Vanilla Pour Over. The coffee was really good. Since the Bakery was just opening, they didn’t have any ceramic coffee mugs. But the owner told me that they were hoping to have some in within the next few weeks.

To eat, I ordered the Cheese Croissant slightly heated. The croissant was light, flaky and cheesy. So good. The pastry was made fresh.

I also ordered the Yogurt Fruit Cup. Which was a granola shaped cup topped with yogurt and fresh fruit. Super cute idea. Delicious.

While I was working at Zuhause Coffee and Bakery the owner prepared for me a Coffee called the Zuhause Cortado. This coffee was nicely presented and had quite a punch and really good. Not overly strong, but just right.

In addition, I ordered a Fruit Danish to go. We did eat the Danish at home. Oh my word, so good. The danish was fresh, soft and tasty. Absolutely delicious. My husband really enjoyed this Danish.

I also ordered the Banana Nut Mini Loaf Bread. I was worried that it was going to be dry, but I have to be honest it was not at all. The baker did a phenomenal job at preparing all of the pastries. So good!

I returned on a separate occasion with a friend and had a chance to try the Beignet Donut and a Vanilla Coconut Iced Coffee. Wow! That beignet donut was delicious. I had the lady heat the donut for a few seconds and it was so good.

The iced coffee was delicious. No sweetner was needed, it was perfect just as it was served.

Zuhause Bakery is a really nice Bakery and Coffee shop that serves both delicious pastries and coffee. As well as offering good customer service and high quality items.

The atmosphere is incredible, I love the high-end look of the coffee shop. I can’t wait to bring all of my friends and allow them to experience what I love about Zuhause Bakery and Coffee Shop.

In addition to Pastries and Coffee, Zuhause also serve Gelato that is made in-house.

Fresh homemade bread and cute desserts that are freshly made as well.

Later in the future, they will also be serving items from a lunch menu. Which I believe is a sure way to keep customers coming in all day long. I can’t wait to try their lunch menu.

As I mentioned earlier, Zuhause has a large outdoor space that will be perfect for this upcoming Fall when we start to see much cooler weather.

In a hurry and no time to get down and dine, in a few weeks the drive thru window will be open for business.

So grab your spouse, your girlfriends, your kids, your entire family and go welcome Zuhause Bakery and Coffee Shop to the area. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.

Zuhause Bakery is located at 6774 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily.