This past week baby girl and I met the hubby for lunch. We decided to check out Oh My Taco. I had the opportunity to try Oh My Taco about 4 years ago at a local Women’s Conference I was attending. I remember exactly what I ate, The Fish taco. Their taco was one of the best I had ever had at the time.

Oh My Taco

When I heard that they were closing down their food truck and moving to Texas. I was a little disappointed. Well fast forward to a few months ago, I ran across a post via Facebook that Oh My Taco was opening a store front. I was ecstatic. I watched closely on updates for their Grand Opening.


Unfortunately, I missed their grand opening, because I was out of town.  So finally, we made it and we couldn’t wait to see the new location and try Oh My Taco’s food.


We walked in and we loved the look of the restaurant. A very eclectic look. The movie posters on the wall were super cool. The ordering counter had a clean look. I loved the openness of the restaurant.


You are able to see your food being cooked because the kitchen space is visible behind the ordering counter.


While waiting in line, we looked at the menu. The menus were laminated which added a nice touch. Easy to read and descriptive food options.


My daughter and I are both Queso lovers. So we had to try the Queso and Chips. The Queso Cheese was topped with Avocado, Cilantro and Cojita Cheese. Yummy goodness. I loved the additional toppings on the Queso. A Spicy and creamy queso.  The chips were perfect with the Queso. So good.


Oh My Taco had three options on the kids menu, fried chicken and rice, Cheese Quesadillas or a Beans and Cheese Taco. Baby girl ordered the Cheese Quesadilla. I appreciated that Oh My Taco had a Kid’s menu and that there were a few options to choose from.  Pictured is the Cheese Quesadilla. A hit indeed. 


The first taco we ordered was Spicy Korean Taco. The Spicy Korean taco contained slow cooked short ribs in Asian spices. Topped with a cabbage slaw and lime sauce.

Short Ribs are one of our favorite meats, so we couldn’t wait to clinch our teeth into this taco. The taco had fresh ingredients with great flavors and a nice touch of heat. Superb taco.


The Catfish Taco included hand battered catfish, pickled purple cabbage and cotija cheese, cilantro and chipotle sauce. A colorful taco. The fish taco was on point. Superb with a crunchy batter on the fish. The different flavors married well together.


The Holy Sausage was a taco that included marinated grilled sausage, sauteed peppers and onions, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar, cilantro and poblano sauce. Wow!!

Smoky taste with a well balance of flavors. The right choice of ingredients. The sausage on a taco was so good. The heat was powerful but we loved it!


The fried chicken taco was a hand breaded fried chicken breast, lettuce, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and chipotle sauce. Yummy.

The chicken was fried nicely; well seasoned chicken breast. We weren’t a fan of the sauce on top. The Chipotle sauce was kind of light and really had no taste to us. That was our only complaint about any of the tacos.


We also tried the street corn. Topped with Cojita cheese, Chipotle sauce and Cilantro. The street corn was popping! Superb! The Street corn was tasty and well garnished.  Beautifully presented.


For dessert, we tried the Apple Pie. The Apple Pie was made from scratch. Very good. Cinnamon and Sugar so good. A good old fashioned pie. Adding some homemade whip cream or a little ice cream would have sent the pie over the top. Nice ending to a delicious lunch.


Overall we loved the tacos at Oh My Taco. The atmosphere was nice and family friendly. The service was fairly quick. The restaurant is in a good location.

Oh My Taco’s comeback definitely exceeded my expectations. If they continue serving good quality tacos, they will be around for a long time.


Oh My Taco is located at 607 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Suite A, Lafayette, LA. The Hours of Operation are Tuesday – Saturday 10:30 am – 3:00 pm.


Be sure to go and check out Oh My Taco and tell them Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!