A few weeks ago, I was invited to a special event hosted by the Krystal Company & McIlhenny Tabasco. The event was a reveal of a 3-D Image of the partnership.


Krystal’s & Tabasco partnership made history here in the South with a food fusion. The two brands combined together and created a Fired Up Menu.


Creating hot and spicy Flavors and adding to the Krystal’s menu items, intense flavors that Southerners love. To make the partnership official, a unique piece of artwork was created showcasing the legendary brands, developed into a more contemporary look.


The morning of the big reveal, I arrived at the new Tabasco Museum. There was a large crowd of people already gathered waiting for the big reveal. I mingled with some of the employees from Tabasco and Krystal’s.  Both companies have such wonderful employees. I felt right at home.


The big reveal started, a short speech was given, explaining the artwork and then the    3-D image was revealed.


The artwork was impeccable, very creatively designed. Not to mention super cool. As I approached the 3-D Image, the picture changed into something else. So cool. The two brands combined into one cool image.


The 3-D Image artwork was the first item to be donated to the Tabasco Museum that would be on display.  Krystal’s was thrilled to create such a wonderful piece of artwork.


The image was presented by the CEO of Krystal’s, Omar Janjua.


I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Omar he was so kind hearted and laid back. It was such an honor to be there and meet such wonderful people.


In addition to the 3-D image, we were allowed to try the Fired Up Burger. The Krystal’s Cruiser was outside serving the Fired Up Burgers.


The burger was both spicy and tasty. I haven’t eaten a Krystal’s burger in years, but that burger was so good. The spices were superb.


In addition to the Fired Up burgers, there were also other items on the Fired Up menu. I didn’t get to try the items on that day, but a date and time was set up for me to go and try the other menu items.

I will talk more on that in a few minutes, but also come back later this week for more on my visit at the Tabasco plant.


The local Krystal’s Burgers is located in Breaux Bridge, LA. I took a drive there and went and try out the Fired Up Menu.


Pictured below is the Fired Up Chicken. The Fired Up Chicken was my favorite of all of the menu items. The crunchy chicken, cheese sauce and jalapeño was very good.


The Fired Up burger pictured below is a burger patty with bacon, cheese sauce and peppers. Spicy but not overpowering.


The Chili Cheese pup was a mini hot dog with chili, cheese and a jalapeños. The pup was ok.  A bite size hot dog.


The chili cheese fries were loaded with chili, cheese and jalapeños. Spicy, seasoned fries. A good size portion as well.


The cheese sauce was infused with Tabasco. The fired up menu, showcased the partnership and what each does well. Spice and intense Flavors is something that many Southerners love.

The Krystal’s was clean and the employees were very polite and accommodating.


Krystal’s is located at 1928 Rees Street, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517.

Come back later this week to read more on my Tour of the Tabasco Plant.


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