Last Night my husband & I had the opportunity to sample a few items from the brand new Coffee Bar & Ice Cream Lab, Professor Bob Beans. The owner of Professor Bob Beans is also the owner of the local franchise Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt.


The goal of the new coffee shop is to provide an atmosphere for both a Coffee Connoisseurs as well as the more laid back coffee drinkers. A place where everyone in the entire family can enjoy.


When we walked in, we immediately noticed that the shop was divided into 3 specific sections. A Coffee Bar, Ice Cream Lab & a Robotic Donut Factory.


The layout was very cool. The theme throughout was that of a Chemistry Lab. Hence, Professor Bob Beans. The details of each area were seen throughout the entire shop. The creativity was insane.


The private event only offered a limited menu, but you could get the jist of what the shop will consist of.


We decided to try the ice cream first.


The guy taking our order was dressed with a lab coat and hat. There were vials throughout the setup of the ice cream station, giving the area a Chemistry Lab feel. I felt like I was heading to Chemistry class. A very cool setup.


As each order was prepared, we were entering the Nitrogen Ice Cream Lab.


You could see the Nitrogen fill the area right before your eyes.


Similar to the process at Sub Zero but more intense.


While we were waiting for our ice cream, we noticed a few cool items, one being that there were syringes in a cooler near the ice cream bar and vials. I asked one of the managers about it and she was kind enough to allow me to photograph a syringe and a vial.


The syringe was a filled with chocolate syrup. This for all you chocolate lovers who enjoy chocolate as a topping. Super cool.


The vial, pictured above was filled with Bursting Popping Boba juice balls. These are pops of fruit flavors that burst in your mouth. My daughter loves those on her yogurt.


There was also candy toppings in vials available. Items like walnuts, sprinkles, cereal, etc.


The hubby ordered the salted caramel ice cream with mixed berries as an add on. His concoction was a little strange. But I have to admit the dessert was very good.


I ordered the cupcake ice cream and strawberries as an add on. So good. Tasty, I could have eaten a gallon of that mixture.


As we approached the Coffee Bar, we immediately loved the attire that the Barista’s were wearing. A striped fedora hat, a chemist tie with molecules and items associated with chemistry and an apron with the Professor Bob Beans logo.


The lighting above the Coffee Bar were similar to Chemistry Flask. In addition, molecular style lighting throughout.


The coffee beans were also placed in vials.


I ordered a pour over coffee. I love that the Coffee was served in a Chemistry table mug. The coffee mug was huge and had a strong punch. Pretty good if I must say.


The hubby ordered a Caramel Latte. The coffee was smooth, incredible flavor. Perfect.


The menu will also offer a variety of items found in a traditional coffee shop like lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees, espresso, teas etc.


We did not get to try any of the Donuts or Beignets, but what I can tell you is that Beignets are served in an order of 8 and the mini donuts are served in an order of 3 or 6. For an additional cost, syringe dip in a variety of flavors like Strawberry, Chocolate and Caramel.


I saw a cool presentation of a Latte art printer on the Professor Bean website. We ordered a Latte but there didn’t appear to be any art. I know that they are still training so I will give them a pass on it. But hopefully when I return, I will see the Latte art printer at work.


I would say that my only complaint was that the location was a little on the small side. It is such a cool spot, I am not sure they will be able to accommodate all of the customers. But there was talk previously that there would also be an outdoor space with tables and chairs. I would definitely suggest it, other than that, the spot was awesome.


A complimentary service offered at Professor Bob Bean was a charging dock called a Vessl. The Charging Dock was free of charge. My phone was not dead, but I wanted to try it out and be able to report my thoughts on the dock. The dock charges 30% faster than a regular charger. Available for Androids, iPhones and Tablets. A really nice offering.


Overall we really liked what we saw at Professor Bob Beans Coffee Bar and Ice Cream Lab. A really cool, well-thought out and creative business. Giving the customers not only delicious dessert treats, coffee and speciality drinks but an incredible experience.


I am already looking forward to bringing my family and friends to Professor Bob Beans.


Professor Bob Beans officially opens August 4. Be sure to go and give Professor Bob Beans a chance & tell them that Da’ Stylish Foodie sent you!!


Professor Bob Beans is located at 114 Meadow Farm Road, Suite 110, Lafayette, LA. The Hours of Operation are Monday -Thursday 7:00 am – 11:00 pm., Friday – Saturday 7:00 am – 12:00 pm and Sunday 7:00 am – 11:00 pm.