On our way home from our NYC trip, we arrived early at the Newark airport and decided to grab lunch. One of food items that we all love is ramen from Japanese restaurants. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try any in NYC, so we tried this place called Sora Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar in the Newark airport.


We had a full week of eating rich, delicious and beautifully prepared food. Each of us agreed something light would be awesome.

After checking in our luggage and going through security, we headed on a hunt for something good to eat. We came across Sora Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar.


We were welcomed by a young man and immediately seated. He pointed out to us that the restaurant offered charging stations near the tables throughout the restaurant. Definitely a great plus. The waiter came to our table right away to take our drink orders and bring us our menus.

The menu was quite extensive, but we quickly chose our dishes and were ready to dive in!


Sora Sushi is a restaurant offering Japanese cuisine and Sushi. The restaurant was pretty wide opened. I liked that there was a large window overlooking where the airplanes were.


The restaurant also had a sushi bar with seating around the bar.


Baby girl ordered a bowl of Miso Soup. A simple soup without meat.


The hubby ordered the Karjiki Dinner. Three pieces of panko crusted, mild white fish fillets, Fish and Chips. The Fried Fish dinner was served with waffle fries and a spicy, tangy dipping sauce for the fish. The fish was fried perfectly. Golden brown fish and waffle fries. A great choice.


My stepdaughter ordered the Charasumen Ramen. The Ramen was made with homemade BBQ pork. The Ramen was served in a powerful broth with ramen noodles, veggies, an egg and green onions. A yummy bowl of Ramen indeed.


I ordered the Gyoza Ramen. Gyoza is one of my favorite things to eat. The Gyoza dumplings were stuffed with pork and fried golden brown. Served in an intense flavored broth with ramen noodles. So good.


Overall the food was incredible. We were a little hesitant about dining at Sora, but we are glad that we went. Airport food can be very expensive and the food is not always very good. This was not the case. Though the food was a bit pricey, the food was worth it.

The service was pretty good. The food arrived at our table pretty quickly. My only complaint was that the waiter took a long time to close out our ticket. But other than that, the service was good. The food was delicious.


Sora Sushi is located in the Newark Liberty International Airport; Terminal B1, Newark, NJ


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