This blog will pick up from my Krystal and Tabasco Partnership blog that I posted a few days ago. As I stated, I was attending the Tabasco and Krystal 3-D Lenticular Image reveal.


Following the reveal, I was invited on The Tabasco Tour.


The first stop was the Tabasco Museum which is where we started. The museum is home to wonderful artifacts, exhibits and videos all about the McIlhenny Family and the McIlhenny Company.


In the museum, you can learn everything you want to know, wish you knew or hoped to know about the McIlhenny Company.


The next stop was the Tabasco Greenhouse.


We were able to see the peppers in the beginning phases from seeds all the way to a full grown plants with peppers.


The barrel warehouse was where the aged pepper mash is housed and stored. When we walked into the warehouse, the smell of pepper was intense. After a minute or two we eventually adjusted to the smell.


Mr. Tony Simmons, the CEO of Tabasco awaited us as we arrived at the Barrel Warehouse. Mr. Tony presented information about the process.


One of the workers opened a sealed barrel with the tools for us to see what the mash looked and smelled like after being stored in a barrel.


We were given the opportunity to taste the mash. I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t want the mash to make me cough uncontrollably. But I gave in. The mash was very spicy. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


The mash is ground up pepper and salt.

The CEO Tony Simmons, presented us with a golden spoon for trying the mash. A really nice gift.


There were Barrels as far as the eye could see.


The blending was the next stop. We saw the vats that turn the mash into tabasco sauce. There was a button that we could press to smell the tabasco flavor. Smelled amazing.


The mash is taken out the barrel and mixed with vinegar.


Next was the Salt Mine Experience, the recreation of the Salt Mine was very interesting. A visual of the underground Avery Island Salt Mine Cavern. This stop was very informative.


In the Bottling Line, we were able to view the bottles of pepper sauce. There was a particular system, each person at each station was responsible for a different job.


The Tabasco Today exhibit was one of my favorite stops of the day.

The large oversized tabasco pepper sauces in a variety of flavors were so cool.


I loved the wall of recipes.


Also mounted was photo of different Chefs who have used Tabasco. A very nice touch to the room. As a home cook, many of the Chefs were familiar to me.


Our next stop was the beautiful Avery Island tour.


So beautiful. I was so mesmerized by the tour, I didn’t take any photos. But the Avery Island tour was awesome.

The island is a self contained community.


We visited the Tabasco Country store. The store had samples for us to try as we arrived.


One of the samples we tried was the tabasco chili. The chili starters sauce was pretty good.


The Jalapeno ice cream was quite interesting. The balance of spicy and sweet. My initial thought was hot and sweet, not sure about that, pretty good.


In addition, we also tried the different flavored tabasco sauces.


Tabasco has a very extensive line of products. Mayo, Hot Sauce, Mustard, Sauces, etc..

I purchased a few of the tabasco products to use in some of my dishes at home. Reasonably priced items.


Before leaving, we tried the tabasco soda; the soda was good.


Chef Lionel Robin prepared a Tabasco, original red ice cream. The tabasco ice cream had a nice balance of flavor. The heat was prevalent at the beginning but the coolness and sweetness of the ice cream settled for a nice smooth cup of ice cream.


Another stop was the Barrel Museum.


The Barrel Museum was very informative as well. On display was the different tabasco jars and how they have changed through the years.


In addition, tools used to seal and open the barrels for storing the mash.



After our tour of Avery Island, we visited 1868 for a delicious lunch. 1868 is a casual-cafeteria style restaurant. Serving up Cajun, spicy, authentic food. All dishes are seasoned with Tabasco Sauce.


The menu offered a variety of dishes like red beans and sausage, pepper barrel crawfish etouffee, Messy Mac, Homestyle 7 spice chili, just to name a few.


I ordered the Pepper Jelly Crawfish Etouffee. The etouffee was superb. Well seasoned, beautiful color with incredible flavor. The Crawfish Etouffee was cooked perfectly and served over rice. My mouth is salivating just thinking about the dish.


Below was the Shrimp salad prepared that day. One of the ladies on the tour with me ordered the salad. She loved the salad.

Boiled shrimp on mixed greens, jalapeno, eggs, bacon, cheese and tomatoes. A good looking salad.


I love that each table had a variety of Tabasco sauce flavors. Garlic, Chipotle Sauce, Reserve, original red sauce, green sauce, habanero, buffalo and more.


I had the opportunity to speak with the head Chef, Lionel Robin. He was so friendly and very informative. I love that he was willing to answer any questions I had.


He mentioned to me about his cooking school. I am considering attending a few of his classes. Those who know me, know that I love to cook.


Before leaving, we were given a really nice thank you gift. A nice Tabasco backpack with goodies like a cookbook, hot sauce, a hat and much more. In addition, we were given a big bottle of hot sauce that was personalized. So sweet. A great ending to a wonderful day.


Our tour guide was Cecil and he did a phenomenal job! He was very thorough.


If you have not done the Tabasco Tour, I highly recommend it. A very informative, fun filled tour that is wonderful for the entire family.


Before leaving, try 1868, you won’t be disappointed. The food was delicious and the service was top notch.


Be sure to tell them that Da’ Stylish Foodie sent you.


The Tabasco Visitors Center is located at Highway 329 Avery Island Road, Avery Island, LA 70513, Phone Number: 337-365-8173.