Reggie’s Soul Food opened a little over a week ago and I had the opportunity to have lunch at Reggie’s with my mom last week.


Chef Reginald Batiste is the owner of Reggie’s Soul Food. He started his food journey with a food truck. On a weekly basis, he was pumping out dishes that the community loved and wanted more of.  When he announced that he was opening a restaurant, I had no doubt that he would do well.


When we arrived at Reggie’s Soul Food, I was immediately smitten by the outdoor patio. The tables and chairs with the umbrellas added a nice attraction to the new restaurant.  It was a nice wide open space that is not only perfect for outdoor dining but for a nice setup for a concert or weekly music events. Really nice.


As we entered the restaurant, I knew actually what we wanted to eat. I placed our order, found a seat and we waited for our orders to be completed.  I did order a plate lunch, so we were given the plate lunch right away.


Pictured is the Stuffed Turkey Wings with rice and gravy, green beans and yams.  The food was really food. The meat was stuffed and seasoned well and the sides were perfect. The only complaint was that the meat was lukewarm. Maybe because the warmer that the plate lunch was sitting under was too full and it was hard to keep it all warm.


Our chipotle chicken fries arrived at the table next. The loaded fries included marinated chicken, grilled onion, bell peppers, pepper jack cheese, and bacon topped with chipotle sauce and fresh jalapeno served over fries. The chipotle chicken fries are some of the best loaded fries in town.


Then this beauty came to the table.  The soulful shrimp salad was beautifully presented on a bed of lettuce, grilled shrimp, cheese, eggs, tomatoes and bacon.  The salad was very good.  The salad was large, I had leftovers to take home for supper.


I also ordered a plate lunch for my husband to go. He had the pork steak with rice and gravy, green beans and potato salad. Superb. He enjoyed his plate lunch.


Overall, our experience at Reggie’s Soul Food was wonderful. The restaurant was spacious. I like that the restaurant offers a variety of seating options. The restaurant was colorful and simply decorated but had a nice flow.

The food quality was superb. The food was well seasoned and the menu options were well thought out.

My only suggestion would be to set up an order here and pick up here sign for the customers, there was a lot of confusion when the customers were coming in and the line was long. Many didn’t know what to do. The signs would alleviate the confusion and help the flow of order and pick up.


Reggie’s Soul Food is serving up food with Soul and a laid back environment. Be sure to go and check them out. Tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!!

Reggie’s is located at 519 south pierce street unit 1101, Lafayette, Louisiana. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Wednesday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Thursday – Friday 10:00 am – 10:30 pm, Saturday closed and Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.