Photo Courtesy of Kary’s Roux

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Kary’s Roux & Pig Stand

Kary Lafleur is the owner of Kary’s Roux and Pig Stand Bar-B-Q Sauce. Kary grew up in the restaurant business. He is the son of Archange Lafluer, who was a Chef in the United States Army during World War II and ran the Pig Stand Restaurant in Ville Platte for thirty years.

Pig Stand Bar-B-Q Sauce is a Cajun style bar-b-q sauce made with catsup, onions and many other ingredients. It has been manufactured since 1953, and was he sauce used on the famous Pig Stand Bar-B-Q plate lunches. In 1963, Archange saw how much the people enjoyed the Cajun Style sauce, so he began to market it throughout south Louisiana.

In 1975, when his son Kary was attending USL, Archange was struck by the idea of marketing a ready-made roux after customers repeatedly asked to buy small quantities from the restaurant. The two teamed up and began to make Kary’s Roux, a traditional dark Cajun roux made from flour and oil. The ready-made roux saved customers time over the stove making roux, and allowed them to simply take it out of the jar and add it to the boiling water.

Today, Kary’s Roux has extended it’s line of products which includes Kary’s Roux, Kary’s Light Roux, Kary’s “No Fat” Roux, Kary’s Gumbo Mix, Kary’s Bisque Mix, Pig Stand Bar-B-Q Sauce, Pig Stand Basting Sauce, Pig Stand “Hot” Bar-B-Q Sauce, and Queen Bee all-purpose seasoning. All of their products can be found throughout, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and other parts of the Gulf Coast.

I wanted to give some background information on this company. But now I will discuss a little more about their products and present the dishes that I was able to create with the products.

Though I am a home cook who often develops her own recipes there are times I need meals that are quick to prepare in order to provide a delicious meal for my family.  I had the pleasure of trying out some of the products from Kary’s Roux.

Above is the Pig Stand Bar-B-Q Sauce, which is a Cajun-Style BBQ sauce, perfect for hot dogs, poboys, hamburgers, meatballs or cocktail wieners.

We made cocktail weiners using the  in the Pig Stand Bar-B-Q sauce.  A yummy snack for watching football or any sporting event.  The bar-b-q sauce had a delicious flavor.  It wasn’t to overbearing with the onions and my husband couldn’t stop eating them.  So I know it was really good Bar-B-Q sauce.

We also used the Pig Stand Basting Sauce, which is a sauce that is added to the meat during the Bar-B-Q process. We basted the ribs and seasoned it like we normally do. Instead of using a BBQ pit we used a Charbroil Oil Less Fryer.  As the ribs were cooking you could smell the basting sauce, Oh what a delicious smell.  I can remember the smell of those ribs as I’m sitting here writing this post.

Here is the finish product.  The ribs were incredible!! So good. And Pig Stand Basting Sauce added such a great flavor to the meat.

Last Thursday, I was busy but I wanted a hot meal for the family.  We had some garfish and decided to make a quick meal.  I seasoned my garfish with Queen Bee and Morton salt, then pan seared the garfish.  I needed a few side dishes,  so I made potato salad and then prepared the Jambalaya Mix by Kary’s Roux. The Jambalaya Mix was super easy to use.

I diced some andouille sausage with onions and tossed it in the rice cooker with the ingredients in the box and water. Stirred. Then prepared the jambalaya as the box stated and within about 35 minutes it was done.

Quick Jambalaya without having to stand over the stove. Perfect side dish to compliment the Garfish.

We recently had some cold, winter-like weather, so I decided to make a Seafood Gumbo. I used the Kary’s Light Roux and prepared a delicious gumbo with the roux. So good!! The roux said me a lot time so I didn’t have to make my own roux.  Another time saver for the family on the go.  Home cooks and especially mom’s need that help when you are jiggling multiple things like kids events and everyday life.  So anything that will save time is big help the Kary’s Light Roux helps in that regard.

Whether you are an experienced cook or a cook needing help to spicing up your food options for your family,  Kary’s Roux offers items for everyone. I have used their roux in the past, but I didn’t know about all of the other products.

Be sure to check out their line of products. In addition to the products I used, Kary’s Roux also has a Gumbo mix. The mix is a true Cajun Gumbo Mix that contains all that you need to make an authentic gumbo. So even if you have no idea how to make a gumbo, the gumbo mix will help guide you into creating a gumbo that would make your family proud.

Photo Courtesy of Kary’s Roux

Kary’s Roux also has a Bisque Mix which is simple to use.  All you do is add your favorite seafood and water.

I also made homemade meatballs and potatoes dish.  I seasoned the meat with the Queen Bee seasoning.  It was so good.  They know what they are doing and the restaurant was so successful.

Queen Bee All Purpose Seasoning is an all purpose seasoning consisting of the original recipe from Archange Lafleur’s Pig Stand Restaurant.  Queen Bee has NO MSG and contains less sodium than most national brands.

In addition, Kary’s has a “No Fat” Roux which is flour that is browned without oil; therefore contains no sodium and is a fat free product.  A healthy alternative to using a basic roux.

Overall it was a pleasure to use Kary’s Roux’s product.  If you are interested in purchasing Kary’s Roux’s products, please visit their website at or visit your local grocery store.

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