Lent season is upon is, Boiled Crawfish is in high demand during this time. My husband and I went on a quest to find the best Crawfish in the surrounding areas.

On my social media sites I asked my followers to send me their favorite spots. On the first leg we visited 4 places we are very familiar with.

Our first stop was a favorite of mine since I was in high school. It has been a few years since we have enjoyed the Cajun experience at Dwight’s.

For those who may not know, Dwight’s is a down home restaurant that serves Crawfish, daily lunch, BBQ and so much more.

The hubby and I set out at 4:30 to head out to Dwight’s. We knew that the line was going to be long. We arrived there at 10 minutes till 5.

The line was already alongside the building. We jumped out and got in line.

The crowd was talkative and excited as the doors opened. We had about a 10 minute wait before being seated.

As we were seated the restaurant was about 80% full. The line was growing as the minutes passed on.

We were seated and our drink orders were taken immediately.  After our drinks arrived we each ordered 3 lbs of Crawfish with sausage, corn, potatoes and dipping sauce.

The crawfish was served pipping hot. The crawfish was well seasoned and a decent size.

One of the things that I loved was that the sausage that we ordered was homemade. The sausage was delicious. The other sides, potatoes and corn were also well seasoned and tender.

The dipping sauce had a nice kick. A good balance of ingredients.  For me the dipping sauce is just as important to me as the crawfish.

Overall, the Crawfish was superb!! A good start to the DSF Crawfish Tour.

  • Crawfish  
  • Dipping sauce 
  • Sides 

Dwight’s is located at 4800 Johnston St. Lafayette, LA.

Our next stop was about an hour or so later. We headed to the Broussard area, Hook & Boil.  Hook & Boil is a Cajun restaurant that specializes in boiled seafood and culinary twists on traditional dishes.

The crawfish sold at Hook & Boil is caught fresh daily from their 3,000 acre farm with a bold cajun flavor.

We arrived and the wait was about an hour long. We grabbed our crawfish shaped buzzer and waited for the buzz.

The crowd continue to grow as we waited, but the wait went by really fast.

We were seated about 30 minutes later. Our waiter took our drink orders and we perused the menu.

I ordered a Blueberry Mojito Mocktail.

The Crawfish Queso appetizer was up first.  A spicy crawfish cheese dip with cajun salsa, ragin cajun ranch and served with house chips. OMG!  This appetizer was superb! One of the best queso dip I have ever eaten! Killer good!

Next was the Crawfish, we ordered 5 lbs of crawfish with potatoes, corn, sausage and dipping sauce.

The Crawfish had a good flavor and a nice size. The sides were lacking, the potatoes were a little hard.  The corn was good. The sausage was mushy like. The dip was too thick and a little too garlicky.

Overall the Crawfish being the main attraction I would say the crawfish were delicious. The sides could use a little help, but I will say keep doing what you are doing with the Crawfish!

  • Crawfish  
  • Dipping sauce 
  • Sides 

Hook & Boil is located at 208 N Morgan Ave, Broussard, LA.

This last portion did us in, we were done for the night.  But the Crawfish Tour was not over.

About a week later we made our way to two Crawfish places that only offer Drive Thru services.  Our first stop that day is one of my fave places for both Crawfish and Snowballs.

The Crawfish Boss was up next. Baby girl and I took the drive to go and pick up the crawfish.


While there we decided to try the Valentine’s Day Sno Cones.  Both were equally yummy. One was for the kiddos and the other one was for the adults. So good.

We ordered 5lbs of Crawfish with potatoes, corn, sausage and boss sauce. The crawfish were a nice size, the seasoning was spot on! The sides were all tender and perfectly boiled.

The boss sauce was YUMMY!!

Overall everything was Superb!  I have absolutely no complaints about anything.

  • Crawfish  
  • Dipping sauce 
  • Sides 

The Crawfish Boss is located at 6830 Ambassador Caffery,  Broussard, LA.

In addition to Crawfish Boss we picked up LeJeune’s Boil N Go. LeJeune’s is a Boiled Seafood drive thru only.

We ordered 5lbs of Crawfish with sausage, potatoes, corn and dipping sauce. The size of the Crawfish was impressive, the biggest of all 4 places thus far. The sides were very good. The dipping sauce was mayoee, thick and lacked flavor.  The Crawfish seasoning was lacking a bit.  The Crawfish were on the bland side, I would suggest offering different heat levels, mild, medium or hot.

Overall LeJeune’s had the largest Crawfish of the four. The sides were delicious. The dipping sauce needed a little work. A little too thick.

  • Crawfish  
  • Dipping sauce 
  • Sides 

LeJuene’s is located at 2030 Bonin Rd, Youngsville, LA.

Our first leg of the DSF Crawfish Tour was a huge success.  We have 4 more places in mind, we can’t wait to head out!

Interested in having us try your Crawfish? Contact me at tasteeplaces@gmail.com.