Walk-Ons is a sports bar that has become a favorite place to go and enjoy the big Game.  Recently a new Walk-Ons location opened in Broussard, LA.  Conveniently located right off of the thruway.

When we arrived we immediately noticed that the Walk-ons had the traditional look of most Walk-ons. The bright red, white and blue signs, wood and brick exterior.

As we walked in the restaurant we noticed that the restaurant had a variety of seating options and seating areas.

After being seated we ordered our drinks and decided on an appetizer.  Queso is one of our go to at most places.  We ordered the Cajun Queso, which was a white cheese dip with chips.

The appetizer was just ok, I was expected a spicy queso with meat or something.  But the kids loved it.

The kids went over their menus and decided what they wanted.  Baby Boy ordered the fried fish with waffle fries.  The fried fish was a beautiful golden brown with crispy waffle fries.  The little guy loved his dish.

The fish was fried nicely with a crispy exterior. Served with the waffle fries a Walk-Ons favorite. Yum.

Baby girl ordered the cheese quesadilla with the apple slices.  A simple choice; the quesadilla was good, but the presentation was just ok.  I think that they could have topped the quesadilla with a little lettuce and tomatoes to give a little color.  Just my opinion.

My hubby ordered the Stuffed burger.  A 12-oz burger stuffed with bacon, American, mozzarella, dressed on a sour dough bun.  Served with Waffle fries.

The burger was cheesy, well-seasoned and served on a sourdough bun. The bun was so soft. A superb burger.

I ordered Mardi Gras Mahi Seafood dish.  A blackened Mahi Mahi topped with crawfish mushroom sauce, corn grits, onion strings and garlic bread.

The dish was beautifully presented.  The food was amazingly delicious.  This dish is now my favorite dish at Walk-Ons.  So good!  The fish was seasoned and prepared nicely.  The corn grits were superb.  All the flavors worked nicely together.

The new location is nice, but not my favorite location. One of the things I didn’t like is that the restaurant felt kind of closed in.  It wasn’t as wide opened as some of the other locations.  Which made the restaurant feel a bit small.

A few of the things that I  loved was that there were Flatscreen Televisions throughout the restaurant.  You couldn’t look in a direction without your eyes landing on a TV.  So awesome. This location is perfect for watching the game with a large party or just if you want a game time environment!

The service was really good.  The waitress served us well.  She was knowledgeable and offered service with a smile.

Overall the food was amazing!  We will definitely go back again.  The restaurant had a very kid-friendly and family environment feeling.

Walk-Ons Broussard is located at 110 Celebrity Dr. Broussard, LA 70518. The Hours of operation are Sunday – Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. and Thursday – Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 Midnight.