This past week, the small group that I participate in began a new semester of meetings.  After the meeting, I grabbed lunch at a restaurant called Fromage.  Fromage is located in the Downtown area of New Iberia.

As I approached the restaurant, I immediately noticed the outdoor seating area. The area was nice but on this day it was a rainy and cold day and no one was sitting outside.

The restaurant was quaint and had a very homey feel.

I approached the counter and began perusing through the menu.  I noticed that they had a Trio option on the menu.

The trio menu consisted of Soup, Salad and a half of sandwich.

I chose the Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese.  This grilled cheese was made with jalapeños, cream cheese, bacon jam and cheddar cheese.

The grilled cheese was crispy, with a nice exterior, oh so good.  Spicy, cheese and creamy goodness.

Each grilled cheese is prepared with a special herb infused butter.  A gluten free bread is available.  Which is awesome.

I ordered the Tomato Basil soup.  The soup was homemade with fresh herbs and a rich tomato flavor.  This soup paired nicely with the grilled cheese.

In addition, I had a Caesar Salad which consisted of Romaine lettuce, Parmesan, croutons and Caesar dressing.

My choice was perfect for a rainy and cold day. Great decision.

Fromage also serves desserts. I ordered the Cheesecake topped with Blueberry Compote on top.  Absolutely delicious.

They have a few other dessert options like Fig and Brie grilled cheese and Strawberry, Cream Cheese and Nutella Grilled Cheese.

Overall my dining experience at Fromage was awesome.  The service was incredible. The staff was very accommodating.  The food was delivered to my table in a very timely manner.

The food was incredibly delicious.  The Grilled cheese was delicious!  The salad was made with all fresh ingredients.  The soup was house made and very yummy.  Comfort Food at it’s best.

Fromage is located at 145B W Main St, New Iberia, Louisiana 70560. The Hours of Operation are Tuesday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.