Pinterest has been a go to for many people over the last few years.  With beautiful pictures for anything or subjects that you are looking.  Giving you the faith that you can make, build, cook or bake anything you try to.

This past week my daughter wanted to make something to bring to school for her friends for Valentine’s Day.

Normally we would have just ordered something cute for the kids from one of our favorite local bakeries.  But this year she wanted something different.  She and I started searching Pinterest together and found something super cute.  We decided to do a few tweaks to make it her own.

We decided to make heart shaped Rice Krispies Treats.  Her dad loves Rice Krispies treats and has made it before so he would help her make the treats and I would help her decorate the treats.  A team effort, a great recipe for success.  Cooking as a family is very common in our home.

There is a popular Rice Krispie recipe that we use.  Here is the link to RiceKrispies recipe.

Once the Rice Krispies cooled we use Pam cooking spray and sprayed a heart shaped cookie cutter.

So cute if I must say myself.

Then we let her decorate the hearts with chocolate icing.  Hello, who doesn’t love chocolate.

Next we sprinkled the red, pink and white sprinkles on top.

Added short sticks which would serve as an easier way to handle the treats.

We wrapped the treats with cellophane wrap and a twist tie.

Simple and easy.  The treats were a hit at school with her friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day