This blog post has been a long time coming.  I am finally catching up on my blogging work.  Oh but it will be worth the wait.  Also with a surprise at the end.

A few months ago my husband and I dined at Peli Peli in the Galleria.  We love Date Nights and this spot was definitely our favorite Date Night since moving to Houston.

Peli Peli South African Flavors is a restaurant that is serving South African comfort Food.  Chef Paul Friedman’s menu highlights a melting pot of flavors from South Africa to Portuguese, Indian, British and Dutch.  As well as adding in American flavors for good measure!  Oh yes!

The restaurant had one of the coolest vibes around.  From the moment you arrive at the hostess desk the dining experience begins.  We had reservations so we were seated immediately.

There are 12 art pieces on wall that represent the 12 Tribes of Israel.  I love this because this has a special meaning to my family and I.

The mood was perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

The hostess seated us in a corner booth.  A perfect spot for our Date Night. Allowing me flirt and talk as romantic as I wanted to with my boo.  Let me stop, back to my review.

I loved our booth location.  The view from our booth was perfect.  I was able to observe the restaurant and service perfectly.

The waiter introduced himself and took our drink orders.  My husband went with a simple drink but I ordered my normal a fruity mocktail created by the bartender.

The drink was both visually appealing and very tasty.  Good job.

The waiter began to tell us about the restaurant and the food offerings.  He also made a few recommendations.

We started with the South African Sampler.  I have to say everything on this sampler was flavorful.  The appetizer included Boerewors, Biltong, Chicken Sosatie, Bobotie, Stuffed Peppadews.

The Boerewors is a South African Farmer’s Sausage with ground pork and beef with Chef Paul’s Chakalaka Sauce.  The sausage was served on a bed of Chakalaka Sauce.  The sauce added an extra element of flavor to sausage. The spices in the sausage were delicious.

The Biltong is similar to a beef jerky but the meat had a different texture.

The Chicken Sosaties was probably one of my favorite items of the night.  A Sweet Curry marinated chicken with apricots, South African rice with mango chutney.  I love the sweet and spiciness of the dish.  Really good.

The Bobotie was delicious.  Similar to a pot pie, but 1,000 times better. Packed with incredible flavor.  The dish consisted of curried ground beef, carrot bredie and Flaky crust with a Mango Chutney.  Superb.

The Stuffed Peppadews was different.  An interesting texture.  The peppadews were stuffed with some sort of cheese.  As we bit into the peppadews it was a big burst of flavors in your mouth.  Delicious.

Great start, now on to the entrees.  We ordered the Pork Belly Espetada which is a Portuguese dish, where the meat is cooked on skewers.  The Pork Belly was placed on a skewers with pineapples that is caramelized with a Hugeunot Sauce.  The sauce is like a chipotle, raspberry, cream cheese sauce.  Superb!!  A genius combination.  Served with sautéed baby spinach, roasted red potatoes and carrot bredie.

The Sauce was perfect with the caramelized pork belly.  I love that some pieces were crispy.  The sweet sauce was nice on the pork pelly.  Salty and sweet.  Really good.  The caramelized pineapples with the sauce was a little sweet.  But overall a superb dish.

The presentation of the dish was nice.  Served with simple side dishes.  I loved the potatoes.

We also tried the Cape Town Skillet.  This dish had my name written all over it.  I love seafood and this was a perfect choice.

The Skillet included Tiger Prawns, Scallops, Peli Peli Shrimp, Mussels, Sauteed Calamari, South African Rice and Peli Peli Sauce.  The seafood was prepared perfectly.  Cooked to perfection.  We loved this dish.  It was absolutely incredible.

We saved a little room for dessert.  And of course we tried the Dessert Trio.  I don’t think we knew what we were in for.  The Trio included Chocolate Mousse, Melktart and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

The Chocolate Mousse was a rich german chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse.  Chocolate goodness.  I am not a big chocolate eater but man oh man was that good!

The Melktart Brulee is a traditional South African dessert with a Peli Peli twist.  This was like a cheesecake with whipped cream topped with brulee pieces.  Amazing.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding is made with a rich moist cake with homemade toffee sauce, vanilla bean ice cream and fresh fruit.  Hello Gorgeous!!! A superb dessert.

A sweet finish to both an amazing dining and food experience.

The Food and Dining experience was incredible.  From the knowledgeable waiter to some of the most flavorful food we have eaten in a long time.  Peli Peli is a must try.  The atmosphere is soothing.

The restaurant is eye catching.  The food was delivered to the table with great presentation.  Each dish was well thought out.

Everything was fantastic.  We are looking forward to trying the other locations in the future.

Peli Peli has multiple locations.  We dined at the Galleria Location at 5085 Westheimer Rd B2515, Houston, TX 77056.  The Hours of Operation are Monday – Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!

We love Peli Peli so much that we are partnering with them for a GIVEAWAY.  See below.

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