Life is filled with twist and turns that are often nothing what we anticipate it to be.  There are times we approach situations and think we know exactly how it will pan out, but quickly realize we don’t.

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My family and I moved to Houston 8 months ago.  We decided to make the move probably a year before the big move.  No one really knew the first few months after deciding.  Simply because we wanted to research, explore, pray and decide on our own.

We listed our home at the end of March of last year.  Our plan was that the home would sell by early summer and we would move to Houston in June.  Our plan didn’t work out the way we thought.

My husband and I continued to pray and seek God.  We pushed our move date three times as far as we could.  Finally, we decided to move the first week of August.  A week before school started.  Oh my gosh.

Thankfully we found a place to lease until we would sell our home.

We didn’t think it would be a good idea to have two mortgages.  Eventually, we found something we loved to lease in a beautiful area.

After moving and settling in, we still believed that our home would sell.  We were able to lease our home out for 6 months as well as leave the home on the market.  This allowed us to relax a little but ultimately we knew that the home needed to sell.

Months and months went by and minimal showings but no real offers on the home.  We began to get frustrated, but we had to trust God.  God told us to move here and we knew we were in His will.

But there were days we were frustrated and we began to question whether the move was right.  Those days our faith were weak God always sent somebody either to me, to Brian or through a message, a scripture, a word.  God didn’t allow us to journey without keeping us uplifted.

This process taught us to pray, pray some more and seek God whole hardheartedly and listen attentively.  There are times we are walking with God and don’t hear Him speaking directly but He is there, walking us through.

I can remember one day being in prayer and God spoke to me about exactly what needed to be done.  One He told me that we needed to have someone go to our home and pray and anoint the home with oil.

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Photo Credit: Today, Reframe Media

I was taught that prayer is the answer for everything.  It was crazy how God spoke it to me.  Then my mom called me and said God spoke it to her.  Confirming exactly what God told me.  Then it got crazier, her friend called her and told her God told me that you and I are supposed to go and pray at your daughter and son in laws home.  Wow.  I love how amazing God is!

God then revealed the next step, time to change agents. He told me to use a specific Agent to sell your home.  God assured me, she will get this home sold in record time.

I called her and asked her to take a look at our home and let us know what needed to be done.

Within a couple of hours she called me with a plan.  We told her go with it.  Our home sold in a little over a month under her lead.  God gives you what you need at the time you need it.

All the parts worked together to get it done.  God doesn’t always show us the entire pathway we are to take but He gives us one step at a time.

I am glad to say that we officially sold our home today!

Things don’t always work as planned, but His ultimate plan is for our good!  We don’t always understand the delays but when God says MOVE, you better MOVE.

I have to give a shout out to our realtor Britt Comeaux Mathiew.  Need someone to sell your home, she’s your girl!  She’s good at what she does and she’s a go getter.  Plus she’s funny too!

What do you do when things don’t go as planned?

  1. Pray. Ask God to make your pathway clear.
  2. Fast. Spend some time with God. Whether it’s without food, TV or Social Media.
  3. Listen. Take some time to listen to God. Sometimes we are doing all the talking and not listening.
  4. Seek Counsel. Sometimes having friends, family, pastors that can pray in agreement with you. Help you talk it through. Everybody needs somebody.
  5. Rejoice until the victory comes. God is never late. He will come through for you! Delayed but not denied!
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Keep the faith in God.  He’s faithful and He can and will come through for you. Just because the enemy fights you, doesn’t mean you are going the wrong way.  Usually when all Hell breaks loose you are right where you need to be, God wants to see if you will press through to the other side.

Remember there is light at the end of that tunnel. Keep Going. Happy Wednesday!