It’s summer time and cool treats are essential. My family was in town and we were out shopping.

We wanted a cool treat so we stopped in at Bahama Bucks. Bahama Bucks is a spot that we often go with our kiddos.

Bahama Bucks has a cool vibe. A very family friendly spot.

With the feel of the beach or a summer vacation. There are so many in the area, we’ve never been to the same one more than twice since moving to Texas.

It was just the girls so we grabbed some cool treats.

Baby girl ordered chocolate ice cream. Can’t go wrong with chocolate.

My mom ordered a smoothie called the Mango Tango. Made with fresh mangos, mango juice, mango flavor, and cream blended to creamy perfection.

My aunt tried the Congo. Made with ripe bananas, sweet guava juice, and creamy Coconut flavor. Yummy is what it was in her words.

My grandma loves Coconut. The Coconut shaved ice was a winner. Simple and easy.

I wanted ice cream but in a float of some sort. I ordered the Cherry Sublime soda with ice cream.

The soda itself was good and the ice cream. But the person making the float didn’t know the soda to ice cream ratio. The float didn’t come out right. I went to the counter and told the girl and they fixed it for me but for an extra cost. I paid for it but I felt like if you will sell me a float it’s your responsibility to know the ratio. The cherry sublime float was delicious once they got the ratio right. It didn’t make a for a good picture so I refused to photograph it.

Bahama Bucks is a good go to for a sweet treat and to cool off. They also have games to play at the table. Have free time? Stay awhile and enjoy some fun.

Bahama Bucks has several locations around the world. Visit their website for locations. The Bahama Bucks we visited was located at 17045 FM 529, HOUSTON, TX 77095.

The Hours of Operation is Daily from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.