Coffee is one of my favorite drinks. Now that I think about it, it maybe my all time favorite drink.  I create my own coffee drinks at home often and lattes are my specialty. My coffee bar is filled with all sorts of delicious flavorings. I love coffee that much.

Recently I stumbled upon my very first Coffee food truck, Coffee-Q.  But this food truck was not just a coffee truck, they also serve BBQ. Hello, simply genius. Not what I would think I would find in a food truck, but this food truck was awesome.

Coffee-Q is where Coffee meets BBQ. Yum yum, go get you some.

We were passing near Levy Park. This park is really cool and I will share more about Levy Park in a future blog post.

Coffee-Q was parked in front of the park at the perfect spot. With so many parents coming in, grab your coffee and go with the kiddos.

We stopped for breakfast at Coffee-Q. We approached the counter and began looking over the menu. I asked a few questions and the owner answered.

It was coffee time for me, I ordered the Vanilla Latte. The Latte had a nice punch. The coffee was strong and flavorful. Really good.

In addition to Lattes, Coffee-Q also serves Cold Brew, Affogato, Pour Over, Hot Chocolate and many other drinks.

Baby boy wanted just fruit. So we ordered a banana and apple. I love that they had fresh fruit as an option.

Our daughter wanted to try the Brisket Taco with an apple and a fresh squeezed lemonade. The Brisket Taco included Cheese and Brisket.  It also comes with eggs, but my daughter is allergic to eggs.

My husband and I shared the Brisket Panini.  I am not much of a breakfast eater, but this sandwich was incredible. The Brisket Panini included eggs, brisket and cheese on bread with a cream spread. The flavors of this sandwich was spot on!  All washed down with my favorite water, Voss water.

Overall, we enjoyed Coffee-Q. Coffee-Q is serving up some delicious coffee combined with incredibly flavorful BBQ. A cool concept with great customer service.