Hidden Valley Ranch has been one of our favorite Salad Dressing companies for a long time. Hidden Valley Ranch makes my favorite salad dressing Southwest Chipotle.

Hidden Valley Ranch is not just a salad dressing company anymore they are creating sauces, Season mix, pasta, salad crispins toppings, dips and breading kits.

The brand is constantly evolving and adding new products to their line. I recently had an opportunity to try their new line of creamy dipping sauces, Blasted.

The Blasted line comes in 4 flavors Blazin’ Hot, Ranch Dipped Pizza, Bold Buffalo and Zesty Ranch Chip.

The Zesty Ranch Chip, “Lay down your chips and go all in on ranch. It’s like having the ranch chip flavor without the chip, but creamier“.

The kids loved this Zesty Ranch dip with their pizza.

The Bold Buffalo, “Buttermilk, red peppers, onion and vinegar. What more can we say? When you try this thick, creamy dip with your go-to snack, expect your taste buds to get jolted into a different realm of deliciousness”.

The Bold Buffalo paired nicely with Fried Okra. So good.

The Bold Buffalo was also really good with Chicken strips.

The Ranch Dipped Pizza. “Pizza and Ranch—the combo that inspires passion in everyone. Now that they’re together in one rich, creamy dip, you can add a third thing—any dip-worthy delight you’ve got on hand. Pizza, Tenders, Fries, this ranch is made for dunking”.

The Ranch dipped pizza sauce was yummy with Fried Fish sticks.

The Blazin’ Hot was my favorite. “So hot it’ll melt your face off in the ranchiest way possible. Treat your taste buds to a bit of blazin’ hot with buttermilk, habanero pepper, onion and vinegar flavors”.

OMG, the spice level was intense! Perfect with Fried Chicken wings!

Amazing on a burger. Spicy but kicked up the heat level for sure.

These dipping sauces are delicious. My kids absolutely loved the sauces. They tried the sauces on all sorts of food items.

One of the things that I love about the dipping sauces was that there are several Keto Friendly options.

For more details on Hidden Valley Ranch and their new line of sauces and dips visit, https://www.hiddenvalley.com/products/

Thanks Hidden Valley Ranch for the box of goodies!