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This Valentine’s Day was crazy. We decided that we would celebrate later this year. This weather and winter storm has been brutal but I will take more about that on a later date.

For Valentine’s Day we made Heart-Shaped Lasagna as a family. Due to the storm we were home for Valentine’s Day. This heart-shaped lasagna was the perfect meal to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

My husband is the Lasagna expert. So he took the lead for the Lasagna. We started with a heart-shaped pan that we found from Amazon. Here is the link to this pan

Cooking with your kids is a great way to both teach your kids life skills but also bond with them.

Our kids love when we cook as a family. But they were super excited to be able to cook their favorite food as a family.

Our son helped with preparing the vegetables.

Our Daughter took care of prepping the noodles.

As well as browning the Ground Meat.

Here are some of the necessary things that must be done for success of this dish.

We lined the pan with aluminum foil which was great for removing the heart-shaped lasagna from the pan.

A good blend of cheeses…

Don’t forget the spices…

Layer with cheesy goodness.

We layered pasta, meat sauce, cheese, repeat, etc. Bake the Lasagna in the oven until the cheese is melted.

The Lasagna turned out great! Our kids were super happy with how it turned out.

It was such a fun day cooking with my family. I look forward to our next time.

Remember it’s important to invest in your family. You only have a few years with the kids in the house, make memories that they won’t forget.

I love that my husband is a foodie like me. Until next time….