My family and I spent 4 days in Orlando, Florida for a quick vacation. We are in the middle of a house project so we decided to take a quick trip and return home.

Though it was a quick trip, it was an awesome trip. We had a lot of fun and we returned home very relaxed and ready to hit the ground running.

Because that was just what we would be doing.

Anyways back to the blog.

July 15th is my birthday. We decided to spend the day at Disney Springs for my birthday.

We woke a little early that morning. I enjoyed my coffee on the balcony.

Then we got dressed and headed out.

It was a gorgeous day.

The hotel only had two shuttle times for Disney Springs. One in the morning and the afternoon. We decided to Uber to Disney Springs.

As we arrived, we quickly noticed that the place had changed.

One of the places we visited while at Disney Springs was The Boathouse Orlando. 

The Boathouse Orlando is a very unique place. Located in Disney Springs. Disney Springs is what’s formally known as Downtown Disney.

There is so much more to do and see now at Disney Springs. From shopping to dining to movies. A great place to have fun. To hang out with your family and friends.

We arrived in the area at about noon. Since it was already almost lunch time, we decided to do the Boathouse Amphicar Tour first and then grab lunch at The Boathouse Restaurant.

My husband discovered this spot online. The Boathouse is  a really cool place. I love that you can shop, dine and tour all in one spot.

The Boathouse has a really cool Amphicar Tour. The Tour is about 15 – 20 minutes long. It was a nice day to be on the water.

We headed to The Boathouse Shop which is where you register for your Amphicar Tour. There was about an hour wait for a tour. We signed up for the tour.

In between the tour we headed out to do some shopping.

There are a lot of shops from Kate Spade, the Lego Shop, The Star Wars Store, Zara, Tommy Bahama, Columbia, UGG and so much more.

As well as many places to dine like Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, Morimoto Asia Grill and a list of others. I wish we didn’t already have dinner plans because we would have definitely check out the restaurants listed above.

After a little shopping and exploring, we received a text message saying it was time for our tour.

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We headed back to The Boathouse to prepare for our tour. When we arrived the guys checked us in and prepared us for the Amphicar Tour.

It was time! Yay! Our family was excited. An Amphicar Tour is a 20-minute guided tour on the waters of Lake Buena Vista while riding in a vintage Amphicar—those rare amphibious vehicles that drive on land and float on water. So cool.

Our car arrived and it was time to go!

There is a photographer who takes pictures for purchase, but the driver is also kind enough to take one photo with your phone or camera as well.

It was time, Let’s Roll and Float.

We hopped in the Amphicar and we were ready to go.

Make sure to smile for the camera on the way out.

The ride was so cool. We enjoyed the views, the weather, the ride and our driver was awesome.

Below is a video of our ride. I highly recommend it.

After we finished our ride, we headed to The Boathouse Boutique to do some shopping and pick up our photos.

The Boutique has so many cute items, from caps, shirts, mugs and so much more. Pick up a cool souvenir after your ride. I picked up a cute shirt.

We also reviewed our photos from the Amphicar Tour and chose 2 pictures that we loved.

So many good shots.

The tour was a really cool experience.

Next it was time to eat!!

We headed out to grab lunch at The Boathouse. The Boathouse offers a waterfront restaurant that offers land to sea dishes.

Serving up fresh dishes like Raw Oysters, Steak, Chops, Pasta as well sandwiches, lobster rolls, burgers and so much more.

The weather was gorgeous so we decided to sit outside and enjoy the waterfront property.

But let me take a minute and stop and say the inside of the restaurant is really nice. There are boats that have been transformed into tables that are so cool.

The restaurant was lovely.

I loved the raw oyster bar area was nice as well. I am not a big raw oyster fan but I love the bar area.

Once we were seated, we perused the menu. Complimentary bread arrived with Butter to the table. The bread was fresh and really good. Wish they had a herbed butter. This would have been a nice touch.

I ordered a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. A nice cool drink to cool off.

We started with the Peel and Eat Key West Shrimp. Served with Hot Drawn Butter and Cocktail Sauce.

The Shrimp were delicious. Easy to peel and well seasoned.

Our son ordered the Kid’s Popcorn Shrimp. Fried Popcorn Shrimp with fresh fruit which was watermelon. It was served in a cute boat. Really cute for the kids.

Our daughter ordered the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. The Jumbo Crab cake was really good. The Chipotle sauce that was served on the side was really delicious. The Crab cake was a good size and very filling. Served with Coleslaw.

My husband ordered the Dockside Shrimp Boil. The Boil included Shrimp, Corn on the Cobb, Red Potatoes and Andouille Sausage with Boathouse Seasoning. The items were boiled perfectly.  Not as spicy as we like our seafood, but it was good.

A good option.

I ordered the Grilled Fresh Mahi Sandwich. The Sandwich included Mahi fish that was grilled and served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes and Chipotle Tartar Sauce. Served with fresh cut fries. I upgraded my fries to Truffle Fries with Lemon Aioli. These fries were amazing.

The sandwich was delicious. The fish was grilled perfectly. I loved the chipotle tartar sauce with the fish.

The sandwich was perfect.

Overall the food was superb. The restaurant is a must visit after your Amphicar Tour and Shopping.

The service was awesome. Our waiter was kind, friendly, informative and quite funny.

The food was really good. Everyone loved their food. The food was hot when it arrived at the table. The seafood was very fresh.

Be sure to sit outside and enjoy the view.

We absolutely loved our time at The Boathouse. From our Amphicar Tour to our shopping and dinner at The Boathouse everything was incredible. A must visit when stopping in at Disney Springs.

After enjoying a wonderful lunch. We enjoyed a little more shopping. The World of Disney store is a must as well. Our daughter did some damaged to our credit card shopping here. Tweens I tell you. But we love her. Lol.

Our son loves Legos, so we couldn’t leave without doing a little shopping at the Lego Store.

He loves Jeeps so a Lego Jeep seemed fitting. He was so excited.

No birthday celebration is complete without dessert. I opted out of a traditional cake this year and decided on something refreshing and cold. We stopped in at Vivolo Gelato for their Key Lime Pie Shake. I will share more about this spot in an upcoming youtube video or blog post.

Oh Florida, it’s only day one and you have been so good to us. Be sure to follow my blog to receive the email when I post more on this trip.

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