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I love Kitchen tools or new culinary gadgets. These make me so happy. Recently I had a chance to test out the Grill Blazer.

Grill Blazer is what I refer to as a culinary torch.”The GRILLGUN…”The Ultimate Grill Torch” Light your Charcoal Grill in 60 Seconds! Sear your Meat with Real Hot Fire”!

Here’s what you need to know about the GrillGun:

  • Possibly the first tool you will ever have owned that you absolutely love to use.
  • A high power clean burning 400,000+ BTU torch that looks like a semi-automatic slide action pistol.
  • A torch that you’ll use to direct intense fire directly onto your charcoal, lighting it nearly instantly.
  • Something that will change your life, and eliminate all your complaints about charcoal grilling
  • A tool that simplifies outdoor grilling, cooking, and entertainment

I was a little nervous at first to use this tool. But it was so much fun.

What is a Grill Gun one might ask? “Grill Guns are 400,000+ BTU torches that look like pistols with a long torch barrel and fire bell.. They operate on propane, either a portable 1lb bottle, or tethered to a 20lb propane tank with an 8 foot hose. Portability in a tool like this is essential, so that you can keep a Grill Gun in your car trunk or with your outdoor supplies, ready for you to take to picnics, to the lake, camping, the park, tailgating, etc”.

I decided to Sous Vide a steak and finish it with the Grill Gun. Man one of the best Steaks ever!!

The Su-V Gun is awesome. Here are some of the uses of the Su-V Gun.

Use a Su-V Gun to sear your meat cooked sous vide, flame your creme brulee, or start your smaller charcoal grill, more quickly than you could be if you were cooking on a gas grill:

  1. The Su-V Gun – A high power propane torch, designed to sear your meat faster and better than any other searing torch available.
  2. The Bottle Stand – A convenient vertical stand that enables you to set your Su-VGun attached to a propane bottle – upright and easily accessible while cooling down after having just been used
  3. 8′ Adapter hose – A way to connect your Su-VGun to a 20lb propane tank.

So now that we got all of the background and uses out of the way. Here’s what we cooked with the Su-V Gun.

Sous-Vide prep.


  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


  1. Start with Rib Eye Steaks
  2. Season with Salt and Pepper on both sides
  3. Add to the Su-V Bag and seal.
  4. Add water to the Su-V container
  5. Once the water reaches the desired temperature (140 degrees for 3 hours), drop in your steaks.
  6. While this was going, I set up my Su-V Gun. Directions included in packaging.
  7. After 3 hours we added our steaks to our outdoor grill to sear the steaks.
  8. Once your Su-V Gun is ready. Turn it on until your desired temperature is reached.
  9. I seared on both sides until I reached my desired temperature.
  10. The steaks were delicious.
  11. Here is the video on how to prepare the steak with the Su-V Gun

The Su-V Gun was really easy to use. It was a little intimidating at first but once I made sure I knew how to use it, I was good.

SO neat to cook your steaks with the Culinary torch. It was quite exhilarating to use the torch.

Below I’m attaching a few of protective gear items that I purchased to wear while I used the Culinary torch.

Cooking with my culinary torch so I wanted a little protective gear. #aprons #backyardcooking #SuVGun #CookingGoogles #foodie #TieDye #SummerCooking #culinarytorch
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