My blog is typically about restaurants new and old that I dine at either by myself, with my family or with others. This week I wanted to do something different. Today’s blog is about a Date Night with friends at their home.  

A few weeks ago, we had the joy of enjoying a date night at the Marcell’s with 5 amazing couples, the Stelly’s, the Baudoin’s, the Boutte’s, the Hustler’s, the Marcell’s and my husband & I, the Dumas’s.  The night started out with the women in the kitchen prepping the food and enjoying chatting about any and everything. Lol.. Oh the joy. The men were outdoors keeping Scott company as he was getting everything in order to begin cooking. 

The main dish was a Paella. Paella is a rice dish that originated from Spain. There are many versions of Paella ranging from chicken, pork, fish or shellfish.  A Paella is cooked on a gas paella burner. Scott gave us a run down on the burner how it works, etc.. It was certainly a very informative cooking illustration. Lol.. I must admit when he said he would be preparing the main dish, I was a little worried. Kmsl..But he didn’t disappoint, the Paella was amazing!
There are several ingredients that go into a good Paella. Each ingredient is added individually. As you see in the pictures above there was asparagus, green beans, red bell peppers, whole garlic, lemon, lime, artichokes, tomatoes, chicken stock, sausage, chicken and saffron. The main ingredient is the rice. 

Teresa was in charge in the kitchen with prepping the food for her husband. We assisted a little with helping get everything in order. The prepping was just as much work as cooking each item separately. The two of them made a great team in making sure that the Paella was a success. Looking at all the ingredients, you might think I wonder if the paella was really that good. But I will say that it was awesome. There were a few cooks and critics in attendance, so it wasn’t just my opinion, but others as well. 
I told Scott before he started if it was disgusting, I would blast him on my blog. Lol, he told me he was up for the challenge. He said, I guess if its good, I will make it on the blog too. Kmsl. He was right. 

Paella was the main dish but we had many different items that made up our feast. While he was cooking, Pastor Shawn grilled some corn on the cobb. Once the corn came off the grill, there was garlic butter to put on the corn. Yummy.

We had chips and dip. Pictured above is a homemade guacamole that Mrs. Nichole made. I am not much a guacamole eater but I will say that her guacamole was very good! Pictured below is my famous Rotel dip which consist of ground meat, cheese, tomatoes, jalapeno pepper and few secret ingredients. Delicious. Not trying to toot my own horn but its always a hit at our home. 
Mrs. Nichole also made a salsa with feta cheese on top. I tease her all the time because I think she’s mexican because she has such a love for mexican food. Lol. This was good as well. A quick fix if you are hosting a dinner party. Love the serving dish!

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There was some healthy items in the mix. Two fruit plates, one which consisted of fresh strawberries with cream cheese and grapes and cantelopes.

The picture below is of our appetizer table with all the delicious appetizers.

We also had grilled pineapples which had honey on them. Very good. In addition there was spicy hummus that I picked up from Rousses. The spicy hummus is made by Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus. Good stuff. Very spicy, so if you are going to eat this beware.

I know it may seem like my blog post is all over but this dish takes a few hours to cook. So there was a lot going on while Scott was cooking his dish. Pictured below is Frankie, Brian and Scott talking and joking around while Scott throws down on that Paella burner. Lol.

Here is Pastor David doing what he loves to do clown around or eat. This picture is a little of both, lol he is trying to taste test while the food is cooking. Kmsl..Too funny.

Pictured below is a few pictures of our time together sharing, laughing & joking. Good times!

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The Paella was not only amazingly delicious but beautiful & colorful. I must give a shout out to Scott & Teresa Hustler for preparing such a great meal. Scott you proved us all wrong. You can make Paella for us anytime.  Teresa you guys did an amazing job under the direction of Head Chef Scott. Kmsl.. 

Pastor Shawn & Mrs. Nichole were great host.  Thanks for having us in your home.

We all thoroughally enjoyed the meal. We had caesar salad and cornbread to go with the Paella. 

For dessert we had a cherry cobbler with ice cream. Lindsey Marcell did a great job. The crust on this pie was good. I love crust, when I eat a pie it doesn’t matter to me if I have alot of fruit, but I better have  a hearty amount of crust. Yum..

We ended the night with coffee either french press or regular coffee. I had never had french press coffee before but I will say, if you will drink coffee french press is the way to go. A total different taste. Good stuff. What a great way to end the night, good friends, great conversation and an amazing fellowship. We had an awesome time! Can’t wait till the next one!!