Lobster ME is an Incredible restaurant that is located within the Venetian near the Food Court. We had just finished a fun filled day of shopping and purchasing new items for our online store at the Las Vegas Fashion week. After such a long day, we were tired. So we decided to pick up something and take it to the room. Lobster Me was on the way to our hotel room so we decided to try it.

Though we didn’t dine in, we were well taken care of by the servers. There was a guy and a girl who saw to it that we had everything we needed to enjoy a delicious dinner in the comfort of our hotel room.

Brian decided to try The Cajun Lobster roll. This roll consisted of chilled lobster meat and a cajun mayo with a variety of spices. The dish came was served with fries topped with cheese, tomatoes, and chives. In addition to coleslaw. Overall the dish was presented well. The lobster roll was absolutely delicious. I am not sure if they make their own rolls but it was delicious. The lobster itself was very good, it wasn’t tough. The mayo and spices that accompanied the dish complimented it well. Overall superb dish.

Baby Girl decided on the Lobster Grilled Cheese. A very interesting choice. She took a few bites and was done with it. Though she likes grilled cheese she wasn’t impressed. I did try the grilled cheese. I thought it was good but a little rich. I couldn’t eat a whole one like that but the sandwich had a good taste.

Finally I decided on to try the Original Maine Lobster Roll. The Lobster cooked and tossed in butter topped with cilantro.  Served with Coleslaw, a lemon and instead of fries I ordered the Lobster Bisque. The Bisque was absolutely delicious. Great flavor and consistency. The coleslaw was good too. I do not like coleslaw that much but as a whole it was good. I squeezed the lemon on top of the lobster roll. Tasty and one of the best Lobster rolls I have ever had. 
Overall I loved the appearance of Lobster ME’s restaurant. It was a very cute set up. The service was incredible. The crowd coming in and out was very consistent. Some people dined in and others ordered quick service. 
The wait was minimal as well. I think from the time we arrived to the time we left was a total of 10 minutes. 
Lobster Me is Located at  GRAND CANAL SHOPPES AT THE VENETIAN, 3377 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109, 702-912-0777 [email protected]