This past Friday, my friends and I had the pleasure of spending some time together downtown at Reve Coffee Roasters. Reve’s Coffee is not new to Louisiana. There Coffee has been around for a little while. 
Reve’s new Coffee spot is located in the heart of Downtown Lafayette. The design of the new location goes well with the Downtown look. I loved that there were different aspects of the new location. The different styles of seating was a huge plus. 
My favorite spot in the coffee shop was the chairs near the windows which was sort of divided by the shelves. Which would be a great spot to study or for a mother with her child or children. There is also a large window with an awesome view of Downtown. 
Reve has a large variety of Coffee beans. The belief is that each bean has a story and has gone through the hands of someone who has a story. No matter where the beans come from whether Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya or Colombia there is a story to be told. Each bean is roasted in what is called a Micro-roaster here in Acadiana.  

The Coffee brewed there is for everyone. No matter what walk of life or your age, there is something for everyone. Their desire is for people from all walks of life to come together over a cup of coffee and talk about life. I love that.
Reve’s Coffee selection is pretty extensive but if you have any questions they are willing to help you choose what is right for you. They also offer Tea, Espresso, Macchiato, Iced Coffee, etc. I would love to see a Speciality Hot Chocolate but maybe that will come later.  
I arrived at the Coffee shop before my friends which gave me some time to look around and decide what I wanted to drink. I went with my normal choice, The Caramel Latte. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my coffee drinks. 
The Caramel Late was smooth with a strong taste. The caramel wasn’t overpowering. Loved the whip and design on top. My Latte lacked sweetness, but that was an easy fix, added one Splenda and it was perfect. Very good cup of coffee. 
The above Left side is a Vanilla Latte and the right is a Mocha Latte.  Both of my friends agreed that the coffee was smooth and delicious. They are both connoisseur of coffee so that is a compliment if they enjoyed it. 

For breakfast, we all had the Eggs n’ Sausage Tornado. The dish consisted of Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and locally smoked sausage stuffed into a portable, savory bread cone and served with orange, maple glaze. 

The Tornado was just ok to me. I thought presentation wise, it could look much better. But I know the coffee shop just opened so there is room for improvement. The sausage was delicious, smoked very well.

The glaze was awesome with the flaky pastry.

In addition to this dish, they also serve a Southwest Breakfast Burrito and Farmer’s Oatmeal. I want to try the Oatmeal. I love that it is served in a Takeaway Mason jar that can be returned for a $1.00 off on the next one.

Above were the pastries that they were serving that day; Lemon Blueberry muffin, Pumpkin Spice Scone, Butter Pecan Cookie Bar or a Zucchini Apple Bread. Sounded delicious, but I didn’t try any, but maybe next time.  The pastries looked scrumptious.

The location has some really nice touches. Whomever designed the location definitely had a good eye and knew what would work in regards to a cool coffee shop. Great job.

One complaint that we had is that there wasn’t a coffee smell. When you walk into a coffee shop especially early in the morning you want to smell the coffee. But it could have been because there are high ceilings in the space. Maybe place coffee beans in certain areas that would help with the scent. Just a suggestion but that won’t stop us from returning again, we loved it. 

Also I recommend that they treat everyone as if it was there first time there. I know that they have been around for a while but in other locations, but always inform every customers. It was my first time trying their coffee. I didn’t know anything about their coffee. So information is key for first timers. 

As we visited, I watched the customers coming in and out. The customers were both young and old which is a good sign. I see a bright future in view for this coffee shop. I hope that they decide to expand to the outskirts with another location like Youngsville, hint hint. But seriously, a great Coffee Shop with excellent service. 

I love that they have a Feed the Meter Jar. This is for those who may not have change to feed the meter. Very thoughtful.  

Overall I love the new location. It is such a cool spot with a different look than any coffee shop I have seen in town. An Antique look combined with a modern feel. The combination of wood, tables, bars, cushion chairs, genius idea. Something to make any one feel comfortable. The painted wall was awesome. One of my friends absolutely loved the painted wall. A very relaxing environment. There is not a bad seat in the place.

The name Reve is French for “dream”. If this is what it looks like when they dream, I say keep dreaming. Reve did a good job on this location. A home run on this spot. 
My friends and I had a great time. I am sure we will be back very soon. Thanks for the excellent service. 

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