About a week ago I had a photo shoot scheduled for a big Monday. Monday’s are always tiresome for me because we usually have a long weekend. On this particular Monday was no exception. I dragged myself out of bed and gathered my things for my photo shoot. During this time, I am asking myself what were you thinking scheduling a photo shoot on a BIG MONDAY.

But there was no time for whining, I had to get this shoot done. After my photo shoot which went really well, I decided I deserved to treat myself. My mom accompanied me, so she and I went to lunch together.  
La Creperie Bistro opened about a week or so ago here in Lafayette. There has been a lot of buzz about this place. I was happy to finally find time in my schedule to try out the Crepes. 
The goal of La Creperie Bistro is offering a French infused atmosphere, attentive customer service with an elegant decor. Their hope is that you feel you have been whisked away to a French Bistro. 

La Creperie is known for their delicious Crepes. On the menu were sweet or savory Crepes with tons of ingredients to choose from.  

When we walked into the Bistro, we were handed a menu. I must admit, I am not a fan of restaurants that hand you a menu and expect you to make a quick decision. That doesn’t work for me. I am one of those people who orders something to drink and takes 10 minutes to order my meal or an appetizer. Sorry but that’s how I roll.

I placed our orders and we were handed this cute whisk on a wooden stand that included a laminate card with a number is placed within. Cute idea.

But in this case, that wasn’t happening. I stayed in my comfort zone, the ingredients that I knew right off hand, I would love. 
While we waited, I took a minute to take in the scenery. Above is the Crepe Maker making a Crepe with Nutella and Bananas for someone. I love that we could visually see our Crepe being prepared. Pretty cool. 
We started with a Hot Chocolate. One of my favorite drinks when the weather is cold. The Hot Chocolate was very good. Creamy, chocolaty served piping hot with chocolate drizzle on top. Very good hot chocolate.

Pictured above is the preparation of the Chicken Alfredo Crepe. This is a savory Crepe that included grilled chicken, bacon, portobello mushrooms, shredded Parmesan cheese and Alfredo sauce. The savory Crepe was delicious. A little weird at first, because I have only eaten Crepes as a dessert or breakfast.

The Crepe was served with a side salad with red onions, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. The Crepe was light and flavorful. Very good salad.

I love that the cheese on the Crepe was melted with a torch. Cool stuff.

LA Creperie Bistro also serves Paninis. We tried the New York Panini which is a panini with roast beef, pepper jack cheese, horseradish, red onions and tomatoes. 

Pretty good sandwich. The horseradish was very potent. The bread was soft and the ingredients worked together. I love a good panini and they nailed it. The panini was also served with a side salad. 
For dessert, The Dulce De Leche,  which is similar to a caramel sauce but so much better. The Crepe also included strawberries and bananas topped with whip cream. OMG. So good. Very rich in flavor but so good. 

Each dish was presented well. I will definitely go back to try a few other options. I am looking forward to taking my girlfriends along with me. 
One question that I asked was if there are people with allergies to Gluten what would you suggest. There was a young lady name Julie who was very helpful. She mentioned that if anyone goes in and they have allergies to Gluten they should ask for her and she will help you out. 
Her suggestions for Gluten allergies, Caprese Salad or the Creperie Salad. The Caprese salad is lettuce, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and pesto dressing. The Creperie Salad includes spring mix, cranberries, dates, manchego, sliced almonds, sliced almonds or a Strawberry and Dates salad. 
In the future, there will be a a Crepe made with buckwheat flour which will be prepared on a separate grill than the regular Crepe. I think this will be a good thing for those with Gluten Allergies.

I loved that they are thinking ahead and looking out for those with allergies. 

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The decor of the restaurant was very nice.

The restaurant was very small and cute. A bistro indeed. Once the word is out about this hot spot, there will definitely be a wait to dine here. But that’s not a bad thing.   

I loved the look. The different style of tables and chairs definitely a plus.  

Overall we really enjoyed the food at LA Creperie Bistro. The food was delicious, beautiful presented and served in a timely manner.

The service was a bit mediocre. I think the service can use some help, but I know it’s still the first few weeks of opening. So I will give the servers a pass.

But this won’t prevent us from going back again. The food is worth going back again.

In addition, LA Creperie serves gelato, coffee, tea and cappuccino. So make plans for a girls night out and enjoy a delicious meal, dessert and a cup of coffee all in one spot.

LA Creperie is located at 1921 Kaliste Saloom, Suite 116. Opened Monday-Wednesday from
11:00 am – 9:00pm, Thursday – Saturday 11:00 am – 10:30 pm and closed on Sundays.

A brunch Grand Opening is coming soon! Follow LA Creperie Bistro on Facebook for updates.